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Trinity Evangelical Free Church in Redlands, California, is the home of the first Former Adventist Fellowship.

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Former Adventist Fellowship (FAF) was started by a group of former Adventists in the Loma Linda area of Southern California. After prayer and God's direction and with the support of Trinity Evangelical Free Church of Redlands, California, they started a weekly Bible study meeting. Many have said that Former Adventist Fellowhip is the high point of their week. Join us! You may call for directions and meeting times: 909-794-9804.

Former Adventist Fellowship Online (this website) is the internet version of a local FAF group. New Former Adventist Fellowship groups are forming. Watch this web site for more information and announcements.

Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend is a seminar hosted by Life Assurance Ministries and Trinity Church at Trinity each February. The weekend includes Former Adventist pastors and others preaching and teaching, breakout sessions, books and freebies, and lots of good food and fellowship. Plan to attend next time.

Phone: 909.794-9804 (Life Assurance Ministries)

Email: formeradventist@gmail.com

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Colleen Tinker, forum moderator, and Richard Tinker, forum and website administrator

Richard and Colleen Tinker officially left the Adventist church early in 1999 after discovering the true gospel of grace by studying the New Testament, one book at a time, with their Christian neighbors. Although they had some initial thoughts that they might convert their neighbors, they soon discovered that what the Bible actually said was different from what they had understood it to say from their Adventist perspective. Coming to know they were secure in Jesus’ finished work transformed them.

Soon after joining Trinity Church, Richard and Colleen helped start Former Adventist Fellowship Bible Study there, and also created this website so that those unable to attend the meetings in Redlands, California, could benefit from the studies and fellowship online.