Thirteen-year-old Finds Freedom!


My name is ________________, and I am 13 years old. Believe it or not, kids my age have found freedom from the Adventist church. My story goes as follows:

I was always taught the ways and so-called "truths" of the Adventist faith. I went to _______ Adventist Elementary School for four years. My roots formed. I was very impressionable, and the Adventists did make me feel like it was right. Then, in fifth grade, I started going to __________ Seventh-day Adventist School, where I still go. Believe it or not, starting at this Adventist school was actually a blessing.

I met ___________ and ___________, who are now my best friends. They are both [Christian], and ____________ is a former Adventist. Her church split off from an Adventist church, so she knew pretty much how to get me out of the trap. I studied the Bible, and found that most of what I had been taught was a lie. I was about a month from baptism into the Adventist church when I was converted out of it. I see it as a blessing from the Almighty and Wonderful God that I am no longer part of the church.

As for my family, they all remain in their precious Adventist church, and I pray daily that they will someday find the truth. If you read this, please join me in praying for them. I have one cousin out of my entire family that has joined me in my leaving of the church. I hope to study with my family, and bring them out.

I have also, along with __________ and ___________, shared my faith with my classmates. Several of them have seemed very intrested, and I hope that by the time my class graduates (one year from now) I will have helped several people overcome.

Please pray for me in my journey of discovering the truths of the Bible, and teaching others the same truths.

God Bless,

[name withheld]


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