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Bible Studies


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Former Adventist Fellowship Bible Studies

During the Spring and Summer of 1999, our local Former Adventist Fellowship studied this exciting book.

1 Corinthians
From October, 1999 to September, 2000 we studied this great letter of Paul.

Our local FAF studied this book from the Fall of 2000 to December, 2001.

2 Corinthians
We studied this letter of Paul from January 2002 to March, 2003

Starting April, 2003, the Redlands FAF started this study.

Topical Studies


Studying God's Word GARY INRIG
These are the notes to the study presented at our very first Friday night FAF meeting.

Gary Inrig is on the pastoral staff as senior pastor of Trinity Church where our Former Adventist Meetings are held and is our pastoral advisor.


Can We Trust the Bible? STANFORD SHU

Stanford Shu is a Pediatric Neurologist at Loma Linda University Medical Center.


Bible Texts Concerning the Covenants BRUCE HEINRICH

Galatians and James: Do they contradict? BRUCE HEINRICH

Meaning of the Names of the Patriarchs BRUCE HEINRICH

Camp of Isreal: A Bird's Eye View BRUCE HEINRICH

Bruce Heinrich is an Orthodontist and a founding member of Former Adventist Fellowship.


EGW vs. The Bible: Patriarchs and Prophets LYNN WUNISCHE

EGW vs. The Bible: Prophets and Kings LYNN WUNISCHE

EGW vs. The Bible: The Great Controversy LYNN WUNISCHE

Lynn Wunische is a regular writer on the Former Adventist Forum.


Getting Rid of the Bondwoman COLLEEN TINKER

Adventism: A Thumbnail Sketch COLLEEN TINKER

Colleen Tinker is a former high-school English teacher and a founding member of Former Adventist Fellowship. She is editor of Proclamation magazine, a publication of Life Assurance Ministries.


True Remnant Exalts Christ, Not Self MAX GORDON PHILLIPS

Max Gordon Phillips is a writer and journalist.


Removing the Veil DALE HAND

Dale Hand is a former Adventist and his story may be found here.


Bible translator's problem with the Ch·cabo Indians GIL PROST

Gil Prost is a Wycliffe Bible Translator who translated the New Testament for the Ch·cobo Indians of Bolivia.


Shut door teachings prove prophet false DAVID W. DEPINHO

David W. DePinho is a former Adventist pastor, now a Christian chaplain, and his story may be found here.


Dumping the bath water CORA HOLDER

Cora Holder is a former Adventist who lives in the Loma Linda area. Her story may be found here.


Dear Adventist Friend, Re: Harvest Crusades DEBBIE HANYON

Debbie Hanyon is a graduate of Loma Linda University.


Other studies are available at the Life Assurance Ministries website.



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