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Former Adventist Fellowship Forum
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Cross on top
Immortality of the Soul
Undercover Adventist 2: Baptimal Vows
Dudley M Canright PROCLAMATION: It is for you, too! EXCE...
Is the Sabbath a Blessing or a Curse?
Michael is not Jesus
Is Adventism a Cult - Pastor Tim Conway
The differences between SDA & Christianity
By Way of Introduction
A Stronghold
9 years
Merry Christmas
Akiane Kramarik- Prince of Peace Painting
FAF Conference 2019
SDA Members Need Hope
By Way of Introduction
Missing the point of church?
The Sabbath Not a Creation Ordinance
Welcome new members...
Canadian Formers
Looking for a Former Adventist Group in the North West
1 Cor 10:13-"-A way of escape..."
Replacing the Cross with the Sabbath
Undercover Adventist 2: Adventism is Clearly Not Christian
Undercover Adventist 2: The Making of a Human
It's the same but Different
Perspectives about the New Covenant
Belly of the beast
The Christmas Play
Law of Commandments contained in ordinances
We have a part to play in our salvation...
FAF fellowship seminar 2018
Archive through November 10, 2017
Archive through November 29, 2017
The heretical root
The year was 1844
Case for the Investigative Judgment
Freedom Day!
Justification and the Investigative Judgment
Bombshell revelations on Adventism's promotion of unhealt...
Soul Sleep & Gen.2:7
To Eat or Not to Eat
Not one sick or feeble
My life with an Adventist family
Archive through July 19, 2017
Sola Scriptura
Lord's Day perspectives from John Piper
Law of God -Law of Moses
Adventism rocked by defections of Dr. Clinton Baldwin
Justification by Faith vs. Righteousness by Faith
Lets ask father
Happy Resurrection Day!
Adventist World - April 2017
Videos from the 2017 FAF Conference Now Online!
New Covenant Theology
Infused Righteousness
TRUTH or FABLES Website gone ???
New Article on my Blog about Proper Exigesis
Investigative Judgement simply explained?
Verses showing the 10 commandments are part of old covenant
Questions about Isaiah 66 & Matthew 12
FAF Weekend coming soon!
FAF in Phoenix? Looking for accommodations.
My Mother's Eulogy
Joseph Smith and Ellen White
Merry Christmas!
Adventist Jews and Muslims?
What Are Adventism's Five Worst Problems?
Bible Project
SBTS Article
A time to be Disappointed...
Absent From the Body, At Home with the Lord
Archive through October 14, 2016
Archive through October 24, 2016
Archive through December 02, 2016
Is sanctification a requirement for salvation?
Preaching for the first time
Dangerious Cults
So this is what Christianity is like...
How wonderful it is!
Robert Sanders has NOT recanted and rejoined the Adventis...
It's been a long time...
FAF weekend 2017
Recommendations for Chicago area churches
Sabbath 'activity'
Adventist Mega Baptism in Rwanda
The encouragement of Church History
Commentary on Galatians
Archive through May 21, 2016
Archive through May 22, 2016
Archive through May 21, 2016
Pascal's Wager
Reformation Day!
Get the old checksum working
2016 FAF Conference Now Online!
Having trouble downloading Lomalindawoordsearcch
Passion Week
The Impeccability of Jesus Christ
The second death
Will the real gospel please stand up!
Daniel 8:14
Archive through October 12, 2016
Ellen's Christology
Genesis 1:29-30
I'm back and Blogging!
Register now for FAF Weekend!
Wondering What Folk Think Of Walt Brown's Hydro-Plate The...
David dead and buried
What about the blood?
Question about the rapture
END TIMES - Help I don't know what to believe?
END TIMES - Help I don't know what to believe?
Law of God = Law of Moses
Adventist World - Dec. 2015
Apologetics Ministries Giving SDAism a Pass
Articles & Podcast on SDA
Hatred and Bitterness
Embellished SDA Tales
Soul sleep
Will God Burn The Wicked Forever? What Does The Bible Say?
Luke 16. The Rich Man & Lazarus; A Teaching About Hell, O...
Archive through January 17, 2016
Archive through January 28, 2016
Archive through February 04, 2016
Archive through February 08, 2016
Purging all foods
What is a good Biblical Commentary to use
A Posting Question
October 1844 revisited
Judgement for believers
Ron Graybill's dissertation
Two short articles on the soul and Hades
Good, straight Bible Study
From Canberra Australia
Adventist Arguments in Uganda
Ben Carson-Mark of the Beast?
Reaching SDA family with the Gospel
Archive through August 31, 2015
Grieve Away the Spirit?
Interesting video posted on Spectrum...
More on Unclean Foods
Article showing similar gospel perversions among Millerit...
Ted Wilson gets re-elected under fishy circumstances.
Archive through July 31, 2015
The Second Commandment
Informatics and the human spirit
Proclamation! individual articles now online
"Calvinism, Prophecy, and Premillennialism"
False Teaching by MI SDA Conference President Jay Gallimore
Passion Week: What Did Jesus Do?
Book on the covenants
2015 FAF Conference Now Going Online!
The real st patrick
Can Adventists delay Jesus' Second Coming?
A chance to tell Adventist the truth!
Is the Trinity a Roman Catholic doctrine?
Second Great Awakening
Truth's of the Liberator King
House of sticks
Imputed vs. imparted righteousness
FAF Conference and Pre-Session Live Streaming
Christianity Today Article about Adventism
AFTER ADVENTISM: Where have you "landed"?
Archive through January 20, 2015
Archive through January 27, 2015
Join us for the FAF Weekend, February 13-15!
An Interesting Point
Atlanta area connection
Luke 15: Lost coin
SDA theology about what happens after death?
This Christmas season ...
Archive through December 29, 2014
Adventist Jesus condemns instead of the law
Some Canadian SDA news
Examining Soul Sleep
William Miller Entering the Heavenly Canaan?
More profit when closed on sabbath?
The Early and the Later Rains
Nature and Divinity of Christ
Charles Finney and EGW
I think the Lunar Sabbath is a Distraction
The Early and the Later Rains
Seed Sower?
Real Questions About Ben Carson as President
Archive through November 15, 2014
Law Vs. Grace - Works Vs. Faith
Adventism's Gospels
Internal Contradictions
God is healing my kidneys
Archive through November 02, 2014
151 Years and Counting—The Great Disappointment
Archive through October 24, 2014
Archive through November 05, 2014
Tim Keller - Galatians
SDAs and Politics
SDAs & Politics
FAF Michigan to be Live Streamed!
Lagalism Unhinged
An excellent book...
Recent post re: book related to Nazis?
Galatians Unpacked!
Crossroads - interview with Kurtley Knight
The doubts of D.M. Canright
Interesting post on FB Regarding the Book "I Was Canrigh...
Sabbath and the Protestant Reformation
Why Didn't Ellen White Predict Islam?
Archive through September 03, 2014
Beautiful Illustration of Salvation
Has Anyone Noticed How Adventism Innoculates Against the ...
Archive through July 27, 2014
Sharing jesus with relatives
An Open Letter to our Adventist Family and Friends
Jesus willfully violated the Sabbath
Interesting discussion of "Last Generation Theology"
Water Turned to Wine
Why don't evangelicals believe what the Bible says about ...
Archive through July 29, 2014
A letter to a "half-in, half-out" Adventist
Archive through July 07, 2014
Archive through July 22, 2014
Does It Jibe with the Bible?
They just don't get it :-(...
Destruction of temple in 70 AD
Acts 21
1844 Redux
When was the law given?
Atheist uses SDA definition of "spirit"
The Bema Seat
Isaiah 56 need your help!!!
Once Saved, Always Saved?
Archive through June 04, 2014
Archive through June 05, 2014
Soul sleep Biblical?
I'm back
Jesus Wept
Preparing the Kids for End Times
Sabbath According to Christianity Today
Salvation and the Role of Atonement in Grace
Archive through June 06, 2014
Current Sabbath School Study Guide
First contact with Adventism in 33 years.
Archive through May 02, 2014
Mormons & Adventists
Video on Mormonism but sounds like Adventism
Interesting video blog that covers Adventism
Happy Easter/Resurrection Sunday !!!
Thank You for the cross, Lord...
A Quote by Ellen White?
Ten Commandments in our church
Grace through faith?
What about "unclean" meats?
Islam and Christianity: New Seminar
Why I don't go to church on Saturday
What about the Sabbath?
It's SDAs who actually DID change the Sabbath !!!
EGW and Jesus' divinity
How SabbatarianISM Distorts the Gospel
Undercover Adventist: T.Austin-Sparks on Legalism
Prayers needed now, please
Death By Protein
New Book: Noah, Another Storm is Coming, by E.G. White
Dale Ratzlaff Appearing On Radio in Jamaica During March/...
Videos from the recent FAF Weekend going up!
Prophecy Fulfilled...
Moving On in the Grace of the Lord Jesus
Question from my 7-year-old son
Latest email to my SDA sister
Read the Bible like Jesus
Undercover Adventist: Mythbuster 2014 (SDA Seminar)
What is "the Church"?
Looking for study handout notes past conference
Jesus Calling or Another Jesus Calling?
Attributes of God
Jesus seated at the right hand of the father
Phillipians 2:10
Basketball and Grace
"Free Gift?"
New Sabbath Church coming to Phoenix
What We Rejoice Over
Register Now for the Redlands FAF Weekend, Feb. 14-16
Adventist "Grace"
Sabbath a Sign in the Old Covenant Vs the New Covenant
Sabbath as the Seal of God
From Death to Life - an Amazing Testimony
Time of the End
How Long is the Vision?
Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Hanukkah!
Overcoming the Desire for Candy
Idiocracy and the Sabbath
Adam and Sabath Day
Another Stewardship Campaign Another Letter on Tithe
Epikos Redding - is this an Adventist church?
Movement of Destiny
The Mercy Tree
Notice Something?
Sanctification and the 3rd Use of the Law
Jesus 2nd coming thru Orion's belt?
Free Today Only: R.C. Sproul on Luther and the Reformation
Negation of Saturday is automatic affirmation of Sunday -...
OCTOBER 22,1844....
The BibleRunner: The Thief in The Night Premiere!
Constantine and Sunday
Ellen G. White was a spiritualist and ocultist !!!
Lazarus link
God's Final Word
Michigan FAF livestreamed in 45 minutes
Stop learning
The Seventh Day DVD series
Rev 12 and Spiritual Warfare
Latest PROCLAMATION now online!
Broadcast Booth
This is funny
How good are you?
First Word Search Bible study is now online!
Brain nerves
Scriptures a Safeguard
SDA Children's books
Galatians Series for Adventists
Called to proclaim
Saved or Unsaved - Ellen White vs the Bible
The Sabbath
Rejected By God
Nile Adventist Academy
Adventists and Abortion
Jesus goes to Sabbath School
Strange beliefs.
Perfecting Your Character or Be Found In Christ?
Undercover Adventist: Disarming the Investigative Judgmen...
Fundamentaly fundamental
Jesus said 'Let ME teach you' -- how I"m learning to do j...
Something interesting...
Sunday: The Church's Special Day - by Jack Cottrell
Galatians and SDAism-a different take
A beautiful encouragement...
Archive through August 13, 2013
For any interested people in the area...
Ellen White Errors....
Any guesses re: who's producing this?
Need this info for a man at my church
Freed for Freedom
Sabbath Keeper
And now for something completely different
Sabbath Memories
I’m sorry you have been hurt
Things we were taught about Sabbath
Saving ones self
Contained in ordinances
Joseph Bates and Sabbath as the "Good News"
Description of Adventism by Think About Eternity
Bishop Confesses?
Seventh-day Adventism is anti-trinitarian even today!
If Only Adventists Would Read Their Bibles
I had a dream
Father's Day
What Adventists Think of Us
What have been the changes in your thinking since leaving...
New York City
The Wolf In Sheeps Clothing
Blood Money ? What Do You Think?
Are SDA quietly dropping EGW or just getting sneakier?
Berean Beacon
Is it important to Repent of one's adventism
100,000 Christians killed annually
Taking off the mask
Video by Apologetics Group includes SDA as a cult
Archive through May 29, 2013
Awful Ellen White quote.
Serpent on a Pole
150th Adventist Anniversary Commemorated This Weekend
Great Adventist Theology Documentary, please discuss/review
Has set you free?
Invest In Pork Bellies
What Jews say about Adventists
Heart of Stone vs Heart of Flesh
Just... WOW!
Archive through May 01, 2013
Archive through May 08, 2013
Someone tell me if this is Scriptural?!?
Can you see what's wrong?
Important Difference between Adventism and Chrisianity
Surprise Phone Call from Cincinnati
David Koresh
"Metaphors" of Atonement
Letter About the Sanctuary
Latest Australian Prophecy Seminar
How DO they convert Christians to the remnant church?
What about creation?
Archive through April 16, 2013
Adventist Bolingbrook Hospital
Wonder what the reaction will be?
Former Adventists have helped a Former Atheist
Creeping in of Chrislam
Another EGW quote that explains our past...
They're at it again
New Proclamation Online!
What Colors Are You Wearing?
Review Article regarding Former Adventist Survey
Still in Our Sins
Jesus took the bullet
"Time for a Verdict"
Passion Week
Guess What Happened Today
Sda's, politics and Ben Carson
Archive through March 21, 2013
Winning a battle on 'enemy's turf' - Lovett's Grove....
TED talk - Soil, sacrament, also says the world needs a s...
"Why a Modern Prophet?"
Procedure about anointing
Another "undercover" SDA proselytizing Ministy!
Adventist Understanding?
"The Mentality of the Cults"
Archive through February 27, 2013
Why do we call it soul sleep?
Difference between Reformed and Restoration
Body and soul
Winning a battle on "enemy's turf"
FAF Weekend Videos on Podcast and iTunes Store
Jesus is the way!
Former JW's and Former Mormons
Prophecy Seminar in Loveland, Co
Make-up and Jewelry = No Baptism
Forgiven, but in need of cleansing?
Undercover Adventist: The Long Walk to the Livestream
Are Formers more SDA than even the "Seventh-Day" Adventis...
Hebrews 10:12
Here come da judge
Pope steps down leaving powerful position vacant...
When did the "soul sleep" doctrine start?
Post Adventism
Jesus punished as a child: An EGWism?
The ever changing look of "Seventh-Day" Adventism
For all of us with "inactive intellects"...
Pictures of EGW and SDA leaders exposing them as Freemasons.
Archive through February 07, 2013
SDA Zombies
Where's the Scripture that says we should not buy or sell...
The Trinity and Allah
The Call of God
Question... Earth or Heaven as our final home ?
Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend
Help with resources for FAF weekend Teen session.
This made me laugh out loud....
Do Christians have theories on "other worlds"?
A new trend ....
Mongering Fear
Adventist "Physicalism" is a point of pride......
Will the pets we were blessed with on earth be in heaven?
Views of Inspiration
Adventist "Jesus Arguments"
Gospel-oriented Seventh-day Adventist
Archive through March 09, 2013
On leaving a cult
Essentials of Christian Faith and the Cults
With Praise...
Ellen White and Narcissistic Personality Disorder?
Archive through January 28, 2013
LAM Books
The Cross and the Law
Spectrum Magazine
SDA Sanctuary Service
Sabbath Law Written on Hearts
FAF Weekend 2013!
Neat Newsletter!
A new perspective on Adventist history
New covenant - is it totally fulfilled?
Another new website
SDAs and JWs
Letters to the NAD Adventist World
New Proclamation! Now Online!
Archive through December 24, 2012
SDA Military Chaplains
68 Years of Working
Things I said as an SDA teen...evidence that historic Adv...
Christmas and Adventism
EGW and SDA doctrine on unclean
New website
It's That Time Of Year, John 10:22
Letter to a Mormon relative
Progressive Adventists
Seventh-Gay Adventists
Archive through December 02, 2012
Live Interview this morning re: Adventism and Angus Jones
Are SDA's typically uncomfortable talking about Jesus?
How is praise different for you now?
TRUTH or FABLES: Redesigned and newly owned by LAM
Two and a Half Men
The good news and the bad news.
How is Christmas different for you now?
Deciet from a diffrent perspective.
New Hymn: O God of Sphere and Space
Advice please
New FB group for SDA young adults!
An Interesting Insight into Mormonism and Romney...
At What Point??
Sabbath in Christ - FB Page
When you were SDA did your think about three things?
Is communion for believers only?
ARticle in Next Proclamation! about Abusive Religions
Revelation & Daniel
E G White and Bible contradictions
The BibleRunner: Born and Reborn: What God Wants for You
Sabbath is a sign of CREATION??
1 John 2:15-17
Ted Wilson Affirms "Health Message" at Annual Council...
Question on Catholocism
Another difference between Christianity and SDAism, etc....
For any Adventists reading the forum
Sabbath School Commentary now being translated into Portu...
William Miller in 1843 newspaper
Heb. 4:12, NIV
1 John 2:7 - 1 John 2:14
Satan as the scapegoat
Revelation 12:9?
New Proclamation Now Online!
Archive through October 03, 2012
Hell and Mr. Fudge
Need Testimonies for the FAF Teen page!
New Quarterly Admits the Great Controversy is Adventism's...
The Holy Spirit and former Adventist theological confusion
Archive through September 23, 2012
Creation story
Terrible theology
Demonic reaction to people leaving SDA
Terrible theology
Archive through September 16, 2012
Good Sermon "Colossians - Part 14: Three Streams" by Matt...
You vetsion
Present Truth Ministries
Are There Any "Chaplains That Believe In a Real God," Lef...
Marching Toward Armageddon
1 John 2:3 - 2:6
NEVER DIE webinar with Colleen Tinker
SDA affirmation from the dark side...
So, porkchops?
Archive through August 29, 2012
Archive through September 05, 2012
1 John 1:5 - 2:2 (Part 3)
The Great Controversy DVD and Mark Martin
Newsletter on "The Sufficiency of Christ"
Keeping the Sabbath?
How do you reconcile "election"?
Dale and Carolyn Ratzlaff scheduled for Yuba City, CA, an...
Another look at thorny Sabbath questions!
Trouble on the Blue Planet
1 John 1:5 - 2:2 (Part 2)
An interesting experience today...
Dale Ratzlaff to speak at Salem, Oregon
One ministry's interpretation of an SDA doctrine
Questiion re: writing/journaling scripture
1 John 1:5 - 2:2 (Part 1)
Dale and Carolyn To Be in Walla Walla tomorrow
Bible Study: 1 John 1:1-4
Salvation: Then and Now
Invitation to study 1 John
Starting a bible study group
For the "lurkers" from the former "lurkers" ;)...
Behold the Lamb of God!
What did you understand of the Holy Spirit as an Adventis...
The Bible Runner: Illustrating the Security of The Christ...
Why I chose the church I attend
Matthew 22:37-40 Question
I Guess EGW Was Ordained
May Jesus be with your breath?
Michigan Former adventist weekend updates
Archive through July 28, 2012
Author Andrew Farley presents webinar for Former Adventists
Only the Triune God is Love
Women's Ordination in SDA?
Talk about timing..."Do you hear much about end times?" ...
Attention all Canadians
How do you personally define Evil?
Vinegar is bad for you - ???
Archive through July 17, 2012
A little humor - The frog that wouldn't die
So THAT'S why prisons are so crowded!
Saved by faith. Period.
Jon Paulien and the Sabbath School Quarterly
New Proclamation! Online
Michigan Summer 2012 Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend
Dale Ratzlaff coming to Canada this summer!
Went today to sda service & have ?'s
What about the Sabbath?!?
Book Suggestions?
Tying your hammock into Christ
Westboro "Church" Protesting in Yucaipa 2day
A cloud the size of a man's hand. . .
The Lost Attribute of God
Man made for the Sabbath
Ted Wilson's visit
If you love me, you'll keep the 10 Commandments?
Another Step
For your reading pleasure....
Went to LCMS Bible study and something clicked.
Remnant = Seventh-day Adventism or Something Else
Oh the Lie the Lie the LIE!
Update from Kelleigh
Adventist Women compete with men:
Apologetics In a Moment: The Investigative Judgement Revi...
Another issue for discussion:
The 8th Day
EGW quote
Former Adventist Podcasts
Desmond Doss Movie
Grace and the Internet
Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort on the Sabbath
Have any of you read the early Patristic (ante-Nicene) wr...
Remember our veterans today
A question
Charlatan card reader
Submitting to Christ / Submitting to Husbands
Have any of you heard of the Toroto Blessing?
"The Harbinger" and a letter to a relative
Annihilation verses eternal torment
The BibleRunner: The Thief In The Night
2300 Days...A simple question`
The Clear Word Questions
Wheaton University hosts SDA campmeeting
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