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Former Adventist Fellowship Forum
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Who Wrote The Desire of Ages?
Isn't It Wonderful!
An Open Letter to WalkOnWater
I wasn't a good Adventist
A Book
The good, the Bad and the Ugly
Never the Same Again
Exposing Error
Latest Proclamation Issue
Celebrate Freedom
Cult leader
How does God communicate
Archive through June 20, 2007
Archive through June 21, 2007
Problems By Comparison
Still Caught Up in Having "THE TRUTH!"
Tithe demanding churches
Archive through June 19, 2007
Promises and Vows
A diffrence of opinion
Hot button issues
God First -- or Last?
Why Was I Ignored ?
Archive through June 18, 2007
Help and wisdom needed please!
Bring the Rain
Words, meanings and definitions.
On canoe's, fishing and false prophets
Narrative Bible
Death of an sda Pastor
Seeking My Face
Comprehensions and Accomplices
Help on quotes ...
Experiencing the Sabbath of His Love more and more
HELL, Eternal ???
Archive through June 13, 2007
Archive through June 15, 2007
A Mom's Praise to God
New Sanctuary Book
And now the rest of the story.....
Aches Pains and Trepidation
Archive through June 09, 2007
Ever Wonder Why
Archive through June 09, 2007
Doctrines in a new church.
Where to from here.
Where are they Now?
The saga continues...
Letting Go
The U in JesUs
Jewelry , OK, Not OK ?
Archive through June 05, 2007
I've just gotta VENT
Archive through June 02, 2007
Archive through June 03, 2007
Archive through June 05, 2007
Getting past the doubts,confusion and fears
Archive through June 03, 2007
Half BakedFfaith
Find the limit of Adventist theology
Archive through June 03, 2007
There is life after adventism
Suggested readings
Putting lipstick on the pig
EGW Biography
For Freedom's sake
Archive through May 31, 2007
Another "AAH HAA" moment
The Forum
Archive through May 30, 2007
What is this "safe to save" idea the Adventists have?...
Archive through June 01, 2007
IF the Sabbath is the seal of God and final test THEN
Be Doers and not just talkers of the Word
Love and Truth in Adventism
The Sabbath of His Love
Archive through May 27, 2007
Archive through May 28, 2007
Archive through May 30, 2007
The True Fundamental Beliefs of SDA
White Estate new tactic -- "balancing statements"
Sharing My Story of My Journey Out of Adventism
Apocaholics Anonymous- or the end of the world, over and ...
On Christ the Solid Rock I Stand...
When did we?
Praise God!, I think I had a breakthrough
May/June Proclamation! online
Two for the price of one
Where SDAs got soul sleep...
Archive through May 28, 2007
Scripture Memorization
Archive through May 25, 2007
Living by the Spirit (2)
New Life Assurance Ministries website
Lucifer, Satan and Adventism
A compassionate view of EGW
A Mathematical Proof that the Invesigative Judgement is F...
Why We Justify Foolish Beliefs
Requesting prayer
Mormonism and SDAism
Kids resources
What do I do about my kids?
Playing the martyr
Archive through May 17, 2007
Happy Mother's Day
Biblical authors copying
SDA view of the old and new covenants
A martyr's prayer
Where did this come from?
Messing with the Decalogue
Starting over
Archive through May 13, 2007
Greetings from Norway
Sprung from heresy
OPERATION: Global Rain
Useing the law lawfully
Archive through May 07, 2007
Archive through May 09, 2007
Archive through May 10, 2007
New Growth is a beautiful sight
Another move #15-PRAYER CHAIN
Before & After
Soul Sleep origins
For everyone to see-an answered prayer
Adventism in Phillipines?
The SDA "Jesus" is a demon
Archive through April 30, 2007
Archive through May 02, 2007
How SDAs view non SDAs
Archive through April 30, 2007
'There Will Come a Day'
LLU Behavioral Medicine Center Settles in Fnancial Fraud ...
SDA in China
Prophecy Seminar
Deadern a doornail
Ellen White never dies
Archive through April 26, 2007
The Great Controversy
So Much for Separation of Church and State
Target: the children
The Adventist Beast
Why did God decide to save us through faith?
News from AU
Arianism - an interesting piece of history
Lovers' vandalism!
Letter to a bookstore
Adventists becoming closed minded
SDA History Book(s?)
I don't believe in miracles..
Trading Cards
This gave me my thought for today..........
Seventh-day Adventism w/Dennis Fischer” (2007)
Rest on the Word of God
Archive through April 16, 2007
Archive through April 21, 2007
Strange teachings
Adventist reaction to Proclamation
Archive through May 27, 2007
Revelation Brings Peace Seminar
Question for Bible Scholars about 1 Cor 16:2
Post problems with forum here
Passion Week
Lovers' vandalism
Confession/Forgiveness of Sin
What a Hypocrite!
The Passion Week of Our Lord Jesus
What's with the avoidance of the Resurrection?
Hey I'm back!
More Doublespeak about the "Clear Word"
SDA Emerging and/or Seeker Sensitive?
Recently left SDA church
The Covenant Study
Archive through April 02, 2007
A new type of Adventism?
Archive through March 30, 2007
Easter Traditions
Archive through March 31, 2007
I knew you
Archive through March 27, 2007
I Samuel 28
My grandfather, adventist pastor
Out of the Mouths of Babes
Gossiping is another side effect of caffeine
My church hunt has been completed
Have you been successful with a dying SDA?
A question of "Hearing"
Archive through March 22, 2007
Another Ellenism?
God Working on the Sabbath
But...But....... But................!!
Funny but sad story
Sam Bacchiocchi
Funny but sad story
Songs of meaning
Celebrate Recovery
Great news!
Fear of death
Archive through March 15, 2007
Effects of Idolatry
How are you fighting the old tapes?
Nothing left but grace
'The Friends of Marit' Association
Anyone know anything about this video?
Musings about Adventism and the Body, Soul, and Spirit
Archive through March 13, 2007
Archive through March 14, 2007
A Theologian's Journey
Testing the "Last Day" View
State of the dead
Looking through Law
New Former Adventist site -- Japan!
Move 14-The Prayer Circcle
Forum changed?
Archive through March 10, 2007
To all my women friends
Peeling an onion
Felt Violated in SDA church?
Adventist fundamentalism
Baptist view on Adventism
Second Coming
One more out of SDAism
SDA False Witnessing
Conference Reminder March 30-April 1
You will be assimilated!!!
Archive through March 03, 2007
Suing the church
FAF Weekend
Maxwell's Bible story set
Trouble in the schools?
Archive through February 27, 2007
Archive through March 02, 2007
Just shareing......
Prophet or Narcissist - You Make the Call
EGW's letters to her children
Jan/Feb Proclamation now online
Are you the circumcision?
If we don't faint
Denver Metro Apostates
National Sunday Law MASS MAILING
Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend 2007
Archive through February 19, 2007
Help!...for my girl!
National Sunday Law
The Jesus that Paul preached....
Holy Spirit Question
The Great Controversy ...
Pork cryin out loud!
Birthdays and such
Archive through February 13, 2007
Archive through February 14, 2007
A stcky question
Extreme Spiritual Welfare and Prayers NEEDED
Plagarism and Ellen White
Archive through February 09, 2007
Interesting comment from Walter Wright
State of the Dead
What do you think about near-death experiences?
The deception continues...
Paul to Galations
The Essential Jesus
SDA Apologist grabs forum quotes
Book on the role of women
Archive through February 06, 2007
He picks us up
Nature of man ...
Parallel Japanese History
Martin Luther versus Walter Martin
When and How long.......
To River-urgent
What would you do if....?????
Where's Timmy?
Signs from God?
Archive through February 01, 2007
A question on hymnology
Salvation by works
Letter To Campus Hill SDA Church
Errors in Various Versions of the Bible
Update on unwed parents
Archive through January 29, 2007
New Covenant
Beth Moore Simulcast Event
The problem with Adventism
Details, Details, Details
Tres Dias- another type of three days...
Help with Child
Three Days?
Is This "Your" SDA Church- Will you consider joining?...
Church faces £5m claim from racism victim
A little humor and lots of THANKS
Interesting teaching on Death, Heaven and Hell
Spanish Forum
Article about tithing
Archive through January 22, 2007
Fleeing from Fundamentalism (article)
Traveling Sanctuary1
I saw Robert J Weiland...
Jud Lake answers Dale Ratzlaff's Open Letter
Special letter
Ever thought about being a Mormon???
Peter Fromm
Archive through January 20, 2007
Archive through January 22, 2007
A different sort of 'what are you here for'..... :-)...
New Spanish Exadventist Ministry ...
Teaching on death and the afterlife ...
SDA leader
Please Help me
"More Than A Prophet" is online
Anyone studied Daniel after Adventism?
Archive through January 16, 2007
Why Are You Here?
Archive through January 15, 2007
Archive through January 19, 2007
God is a God of Order
Any takers??
Shut Door
What have you discovered in your current church
SDA Sabbath practices
Archive through January 12, 2007
Archive through January 13, 2007
Archive through January 13, 2007
13th move for the Prayer Chain
Conference! March 30- April 1
Almost there
Galatians 4/Bacchiocchi view
Texts that made you go hmmm...
Archive through January 09, 2007
After you left the SDA church
Archive through January 08, 2007
New stuff ...
Jones and Waggoner
This forum is getting confusing
Leaving Adventism
Archive through January 06, 2007
Archive through January 07, 2007
The God-shaped Blank
Blood in the Holy of Holies
LDS/SDA Connection
Uncomfortable Doctrine
"Tom Brooks"
Did God have the right to create?
Our Faith in Public Life . . .
To Walk on Water
Archive through January 04, 2007
Archive through January 06, 2007
Chapter One: A Brief History
Archive through January 03, 2007
The love of the Trinity
Our Father is the Pilot
My niece is visiting next weekend.
Happy New Year
Adventist outreach
Understanding Seventh-Day Adventism
"Excuse me while I hide"
The Clear Word Bible
Former Adventist Weekend in February
The many branches of Adventism
SDA borrowed most of their theology from the SDB Church /...
Women's Conference
Raven please see this thread
Visiting Local Churches
Archive through November 05, 2006
Archive through November 19, 2006
Archive through November 20, 2006
Archive through November 27, 2006
Free At Last, Free At Last!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You know you grew up Adventist if....
Archive through September 08, 2006
Archive through September 11, 2006
Archive through September 12, 2006
Rev.19:10 parallel passage
Health Message For Today
Traveling Sactuary?
Why The Old Covenant ?!
Clifton Davis
A lurker comes forth....:-)...
Hello to All
An Interesting Thought
The Ellen White Memorial Church
Language, Communication
Our support Group
Opportunity to Witness
The day is "moot"
Archive through August 25, 2007
When you can't fix it.
I need your prayers this Friday evening
The Universal Publishing Assn.
Childrens Bible Books
Archive through August 23, 2007
Tithing video
Signs Of A Cult
Archive through August 23, 2007
10 Commandments question
A False Gospel
"Dramatic Prophecies of Ellen White"
Archive through August 22, 2007
Archive through August 24, 2007
Adventist "weeds" in my garden
Largest global book distribution project in the history o...
An Observation about Idolatry and SDAs
The Clearer Word Bible - Romans 2:17-29
The Abrahamic and New Covenants
Archive through August 22, 2007
Here We Stand SDA seminar
Adventist Propaganda Centre
Introduction and a question
Archive through August 21, 2007
An invitation to... a midnight snack
They think I'm "seeking"
Archive through August 21, 2007
Time restrictions?
People on other planets
Anyone Here Still Associate With SDA Friends?
Archive through August 19, 2007
Progress and hope
Others know about SDAs
Archive through August 19, 2007
Ellen White and the Mormon Church
SDAs a Cult?
Archive through August 20, 2007
Shawn Boonstra
Sabbath of Unrest
20 Questions for Pastor Mark Martin
This is guaranteed to turn your stomach
Archive through August 21, 2007
What Sabbath Means to SDA's
The Bleating of the Sheep
Pastor's journey out
A prayer answered
Sabbath FLAG Signs of the Times
Funny experience
Non-SDA school....and teachers!
Last Day Events Chapter 15
New Proclamation magazine online
Adventism vs. Christianity
Where is the focus? Ellen? Mary?
Jesus establishes a safety warning, exception noted.
Trinity, counter point. Matthew 24:36
Archive through August 15, 2007
Reality Check
Who Vindicates Whom?
EGW's dead husband
Abortion Position
Daniel 8:13 & 14
Amazing Faith story
A couple of letters and the Seal of God
Archive through August 08, 2007
Archive through August 10, 2007
Archive through August 12, 2007
Archive through August 07, 2007
Good Experience with Church
New book by Bob Pickle
Studio conversations with Mark Martin, Greg Taylor & Jona...
Archive through August 07, 2007
I got an e-mail from our old friend WoW
Worshipping the Sabbath idol
Hi, I'm new!
A Powerful Thought
SDAs claim Remnant Church
SDA cop
I feel God is truly exposing adventism to His flock
Stand by me
How to understand this...
What is this world coming to?
Archive through August 05, 2007
Continuity of the soul.
More "AHAA" moments
What changes have you seen??
New Here with a question
Evenings and mornings
New Studies Uploaded on LAM website
Lamplighter Investigates SDA—Concludes It Is a "Cult"...
Archive through August 02, 2007
Archive through August 05, 2007
Good Bye FAF Friends and Family
What I love about this forum..)
Where is the Sabbath Commandment?
Reallly curious
Archive through August 01, 2007
More Non-Tithe Funds Needed
SDA Baptismal Vows For Children
Book of Life and the Investigative Judgment
Testimonies on Sexual Behavior
SDA Video & Study
A very serious thing ...
Soul Sleep
Archive through July 31, 2007
Archive through August 01, 2007
This is TRULY disgusting
Archive through July 31, 2007
A servants heart
Observer mode while visiting a church.
Real talk vs .."Our dear kind heavenly Father"
Advenstist in USA follow Europe Trend
Past experiences....looking back
Has anyone been to this website?
In-laws getting under my skin
Redbooks: Our Search for Ellen White
Archive through July 28, 2007
Hello, new here
Practical Joke, Adventist Style..
I wish
Walking in the Spirit
New Version of Jesus Loves Me
Not going so well - I almost caved
Archive through July 26, 2007
What did EGW say about the brothers of Jesus?
Archive through July 27, 2007
Stealth SDA
Instant verse lookup
Not catching the ball.
Gentile not allowed to keep the sabbath?
Mindset of the average SDA
Leaving my small group
Adventures on CARM
Help with Saul and Samuel
0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0
Archive through July 25, 2007
Please share a prayer for Adventists that have hurt you.
Another sticky wicket but hope also
Archive through July 24, 2007
More Adventist Nonsense
The Gospel Coalition
Careful now ...
Dr Dobson & Sabbath
Did you know?
What happened to my sabbath naps?
Another question
Forgetting what is behind
Not looking forward to tomorrow
Um... so I broke down and some other ramblings
Archive through July 22, 2007
J I Packer Quote
When you were an SDA
Point Blank Warnings to SDAs
Abortion Policy
"Tough financial times" at CUC
Christian mysticism
Fellowship found here.
A little fun
Laying the foundation all over again.
Could Nero have been the "beast"
The Truth about Adventist "Truth"
Freedom is so delicious!
Archive through July 19, 2007
Archive through July 20, 2007
About Bible Prophecy
Sabbath a test since 1844?
Saturday Laws - A hypothetical
Adventist errors regarding history
Archive through July 19, 2007
Breaking 1 and 9 for number 4
Trying to reach Adventists
Authority as atmosphere to security and validation.
Church Visit : Tongues
Archive through July 17, 2007
Archive through July 18, 2007
Any recomendations on a Church
Once again... I can't believe it!
The Bible Doesn't Really Say That
Where is Jackob??
More stuff to "confirm" SDA beliefs
Archive through July 16, 2007
Would you go back to SDA if they dropped Adventism?
See what AF has to say about Adam and Eve
Matthew 10:23 Help request.
Pluralism in the Seventh-day Adventist Church
Getting them set free!
Archive through July 13, 2007
Indentify please. New Testament Church
EGW and Prophecy Interpretation
Archive through July 12, 2007
Question, did you ever think this?
Colporter Struck by Lightning
A Story
Out of the Closet
Amazing facts on crosswalk site
Sabbath as an Identity
Did you know???
Is it ever harmful?
Need help
Doomesday Cult
An Odd Thought
Archive through July 08, 2007
The role of the 10 commandments with other Christians?
Hello my friends
What is the reinstated law?
Well today they invited me to go to the SDA church
Archive through July 09, 2007
The Law and Bondage-What are we free of.
But what do you believe?
Hello Again
What's your favorite Christian movie?
Adam and eve
Congruence of lies
The Egg Drop
A Seventh-day Adventist Church's Published Statement of B...
I really need ot get this off of my chest
What did you do with your old SDA highlighted bibles?
A strange e-mail
My Introduction and something I was going to post on MySp...
Please pray for my son
More Adventist Insanity
Archive through July 06, 2007
Archive through July 10, 2007
The Keeper Of The Road
Have a safe and happy 4th of July
Did EGW ever admit to being a sinner?
Bridegroom Fast - for Seekr777
Did you get baptized again?
My mom Said I should just join a Satanic Church
Archive through July 04, 2007
Archive through July 05, 2007
The Ten(der) Commandments
No Conceit Here ...
Archive through July 03, 2007
Hi all, I'm new here
Archive through July 03, 2007
Get a load of this!
Dirty pool in Africa
I'm a Christ Follower
Almost forgot to share
Something to share
EGW african amerian/caucasion?
Interesting Reading
2 steps forward and 1 step back
Archive through July 01, 2007
What's up with this?
The Foundation of the Apostles and Prophets
God is a God of order.
Formula Rules: Do I have this right ?
Why Adventism was especially dangerous for me
Testing new prophets
Rules of logic.
Inconsistent SDA logic
Archive through June 29, 2007
On personal ministry
Learning to "Wait"
Starting to Forgive
Why are Adventists so intolerant of other Christians?
Archive through June 27, 2007
Archive through June 28, 2007
Whit Washed
Have you heard- a new movement
Found this on Spectrum Magazine
Once Saved, Always saved.
16th move for the Prayer Circle
More about pork
Archive through June 21, 2007
A Belief System Based On Fear
Roots of Error
Strange question
Archive through June 17, 2007
Could Jesus Have Failed?
Archive through May 20, 2007
Archive through January 25, 2007
Hi! I am new here!
REV 21:25 ??
A Prophetic Call to FSDAs - Isaiah 58
Exposing Adventism - Satan and MIchael, the archangel
Psalm 42:7
Exposing Adventism - The Plan of Salvation
The only true denomination
Whats real and whats not?
Ugh, they came to my door yesterday
Mistakes Were Made (but not by me)
Legalism and its Antidotes
1844 off by 14-15 years
Archive through September 02, 2007
The Veil Taken Away
Exposing Adventism - Jerusalem, Where Art Thou?
Exposing Adventism - Membership Info
Transitioning - Examples of How to Resign
Archive through September 03, 2007
The Christian Walk - Latter Rain
Exposing Adventism - The Father's Person
Archive through September 03, 2007
Doctrines Direct From A Demon
Archive through September 03, 2007
Archive through September 05, 2007
Free Third Day Concert Atlanta--Lets go!
Exposing Adventism - Life On Other Worlds
Archive through September 02, 2007
The Christian Walk - Discipleship
Important-I need your prayers, again
Hebrews and SDAs
Big SDA Evangelistic Effort in My City
Meeting with Pastor
Archive through August 29, 2007
How tolerant are you of other viewpoints?
Archive through August 29, 2007
They do things differently.
Just after some reassurance please
Flood Geology
Archive through August 17, 2007
Move 17 for the Prayer Circle
Exposing Adventism - Where did all the people go?
Exposing Adventism - Where are my Animal Organs?
Exposing Adventism - Unclad Ankles
A helpful research tool (and some quotes)
Pause for now...
Keeping ourselves in the love of God
SDA Umbrella Doctrine
First impressions
A God incident today
What is supposed to happen...
Exposing Adventism - Improper Prayer
Exposing Adventism - Robbing the Heart and Brain of its B...
Exposing Adventism - Fallen Leaves Are Poisonous
Archive through September 10, 2007
Archive through September 10, 2007
07 Revive
Transitioning - Churches Now Pastored By Former SDA Pastors
Archive through September 06, 2007
Exposing Adventism - The Fall of Satan
Catholic church and the beast??
Archive through September 03, 2007
Archive through September 05, 2007
Archive through September 10, 2007
Exposing Adventism - The 1843 Chart Was The Right One!
Whom did Cain marry??
Rant coming......
Exposing Adventism - Pork is nourishing food
An Appel to mothers... x A lecture to young men on chastity
Finding a church after leaving adventism
Two questions
What does this mean?
Exposing Adventism - The biggest contradiction that prove...
Exposing Adventism - Where are the Ten Commandments?
Overcome the power of sin
Rene Noorbergen, anyone remember?
Exposing Adventism - What is the Biblical meaning of bapt...
Archive through September 15, 2007
Exposing Adventism - Noah taught Enoch?
Exposing Adventism - The amalgamation of Herods
Exposing adventism - Satan wished to conquer God?
Exposing Adventism - So that is what Pentecost was for!
The Red Books
Roy Tinker's Baptism
So, what has God done for you today?
The Clanishness of Adventism
Exposing Adventism - Important Health Tips
Exposing Adventism - Sex Should Be Avoided During Pregnancy
Distributing Booklets
New dimensions of faith
Exposing Adventism - Those Golden Cards
That's Amazing!
Archive through August 28, 2007
Archive through August 29, 2007
Game over and I lost
Archive through August 12, 2007
Archive through August 13, 2007
Archive through August 14, 2007
Archive through August 14, 2007
EGW Distribution Project
Are all Formers here Christians?
Going To An SDA Church Today, First Time in Over 2 Years
Exposing Adventism - 1844 Investigative Judgment over hal...
Coping skills
Variance to Luke warm
Church visit
I Have Some Antique Red Books
Nowhere man........
Exposing Adventism - Those Picture Idols!
Partners in Ministry through SDA "Truth" book
I will be in Riverside, CA Fri, Sat, and Sun
Is the White Estate hunting?
That Rest...
Exciting News
New Testaments
SDA Teachings
So when will Adventism share 1844/IJ?
Exposing Adventism - A "Perfect Chain of Truth"
God not pleased by law keeping
3abn visit
Are tattoos, a taboo?
A couple of questions about Jesus
Exposing Adventism - Ellen's Magic Glasses
Exposing Adventism - Churches full of birds!
'Ten Commandments Twice Removed'
Probably old news here
Ex-Adventist Cuisine
Exposing Adventism - Have you brought your sin offering?
Still scared
Th Road to Recovery
Adventists and NASCAR
The Wonder of the Cross
Exposing Adventism -- Christ's Resurrection Duplicated
James and Patrick Examine the Seventh Day Adventist Cult
Hillary and the SDA Church
No Instrument training.
Using the Bible in devotions.
HELP! EGW is ruining my Bible Study!
Jesus is the best, but ...
The two Covenants
The Importance of The Sabbath
Exposing Adventism - I cannot tell a lie
Mitt Romeny
Rightly dividing the rhetoric
Archive through September 27, 2007
Church after Adventism
Exposing Adventism—The Clear Word
Archive through September 23, 2007
Archive through September 24, 2007
Archive through September 25, 2007
Archive through September 24, 2007
Archive through September 24, 2007
Archive through September 25, 2007
Archive through September 26, 2007
Archive through September 27, 2007
Calvary Chapel comment
Archive through September 06, 2007
Pastor's Journey Out Continued-
BIG Yeah God!!
The other side of the fence
I Cor. 11:10, ANGELS
How do you define grace?
Transitioning - Leaving the Adventist Ministry
My friend is still going
Job and Sons of God
Recent Adventist History
Seeming paradoxes and finding the formula.
Interesting find
At it again
Tentative emergence from the shadows...
Effects of verbal abuse in children
I Have My Rest In Christ Alone
Blew the dust off of some old albums
From hate to love
Spirit of prophecy
EGW Statements
Trust the Lord
Withdrawal of membership
Change at Andrews
Same old thing
DeJa vu
Interesting website activity
Bob Pickle's book now online
The Called The Chosen
Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
To the point
Interesting article about alcohol
Exposing Adventism - Did the Little Horn desecrate the he...
Exposing Adventism - Why was Ellen White disfellowshipped?
The truth is the road to freedom.
Adventist joining the World
'The Year of Living Biblically' new book out
T.D Jakes & the Sabbath
Archive through October 08, 2007
Another example of deception
Archive through September 06, 2007
Archive through August 28, 2007

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