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Former Adventist Fellowship Forum
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You log of your trip to Israel
5 kinds of sermons
Upper Columbia Conference Office Fire
Former Adventist Fellowship Weekend 2009
Exposing Adventism -- Did Jesus set a bad example?
Exposing Adventism - Remnant church to have continuing gi...
Adventist Jesus is not God...??
Ingathering vs. now
Books, Articles, Etc. on the Trinity?
My son's thank you
SDA's and suicide
Archive through April 20, 2008
Merry Christmas... is this right?
Acts 2:42-47 very interesting literal take
Revelation 19:10 and the "spirit of prophecy".
Testing a prophet
Holiday Humor
Something to think about . . .
Christmas Reflections
Sad news
Nov/Dec Proclamation Now Online
Government and Islam?
EGW changed in her later years?
Has anyone heard?
Archive through December 19, 2008
Early SDA Writings
Why did God need to be "refreshed"?
What are "These Commandments"?
News from Thanksgiving time with SDA family
The Clear Word advertisement
What would you do?
Did you know?
EGW the estate and vinegar response
Christmas Gift for the SDA Proof-Texter in Your Family
Charlie Dodrill - Misconception
New in the forum... Make yourself a coffee, relax and sit...
Leaving the church
Last retort, last resort
Archive through December 05, 2008
Ask An Adventist - Christ Question #5
How SDAs push Jesus Out (and Replace Him with Ellen White...
The Key to Understanding 1844 - Part 1
Sunday laws
GC short on money. Cutting funding to Loma Linda.
Adventist Links Resource
What is sin, really??
The Covenant study by Kay Arthur
Ask An Adventist - Close of Probation #1
Exposing Adventism - Sabbath In Objectionable Areas
Sabbath/ ABBA
Did God pick the wrong day?
Exposing Adventism - Was Jesus and incompetant teacher?
Exposing Adventism - Satan's Electric Currents
The book of Hebrews
Ask An Adventist - Christ Question #1
My own frustration
EGW and Health message - any plagerism there?
Ask An Adventist - Christ Question #3
Ask An Adventist - Christ Question #2
Those other "churches"
Archive through November 29, 2008
Good Advice
Day Age (Year) Theory
Earning Spiritual Blessings, of Hidden in Christ with God?
Where does the term Pre-Advent Judgement come from?
Gateway Bible
What I am thankful for.
Happy Thanksgiving--Is it any different?
Adventism’s Conundrum
Archive through October 23, 2008
Exposing Adventism - Play and picnics to be discarded
Ask An Adventist - Body of Christ Question #1
Something interesting happened today...
Adventist Prophetess has new competition!
Reading EGW
I lifted this!!!
Ask An Adventist - Bible Question #2
Weimar Institute
Tables of Stone Written on Both Sides
Exposing Adventism - Information the White Estate won't g...
How sad
Exposing Adventism - Wicked Children God Does Not Love
Rom 6:14 - Promise or Commandment?
Finished Atonement and the SDA Church
Archive through November 23, 2008
Exposing Adventism - Choose a hand ...
Ask An Adventist - Apostasy Question #3
Exposing Adventism - Rehabilitation of masterbators
Temple question
Attended Sabbath School on Saturday
Ellen White vs. William Miller - What is the Sanctuary?
Who Watches? Who Cares?: Misadventures in Stewardship
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Adventist Apologetics - Texas Sharpshooter Fallacy
Exposing Adventism - Both Jesus and Satan archangels
Ask An Adventist - Apostasy Question #1
Ask An Adventist - Apostasy Question #2
Exposing Adventism - Take the tithe test
Ask An Adventist - Angels Question #1
SDA family coming for Thanksgiving
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #16
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #15
Great Controversy on You Tube
Opinions please...
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #14
Exposing Adventism - Christ not good enough. Need more El...
Israel Journal
Archive through October 30, 2008
Archive through November 02, 2008
Archive through November 07, 2008
Centers for Apologetics Research Featuring Adventism this...
Do you ever feel lost?
Adventists running scared ... part 192
Exposing Adventism - The Adventist Gospel of Probation
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #13
Exposing Adventism - God's 1843 Deception Essential To Id...
The irony of not knowing I was in a cult
Archive through November 15, 2008
Archive through November 16, 2008
Strong city made national news
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #12
Religion alters visual perception
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #10
Listening vs. Bloviating
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #11
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Tithing and Malachi 3
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #7
Group Bible study?
Various Sabbaths
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #8
I told my sister about the SDA church's neutral position ...
Happy Veteran's day
Exposing why Seventh-day Adventism seeks acceptance from ...
Exposing Adventism - Net 2008 "Discoveries ‘08" by Mark F...
God's standard for judging unbelievers?
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #6
How Is Jesus Our Sabbath Rest?
Exposing Adventism - Are former Adventists qualified to e...
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #4
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #5
Exposing Adventism - How God protected Ellen White's Writ...
Ask An Adventist - Advenbtism Question #3
Doug Batchelor on TV
Time to grow up
Exposing Adventism - What is wrong with this picture?
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #2
Ask An Adventist - Adventism Question #1
Ask An Adventist - 1844 Question #3
Ask An Adventist - 1844 Question #2
Letting the conference know
Exposing Adventism - W.W. Prescott's letter to Willie C. ...
A testimony that will encourage you
On Freedom of Religion
Ask An Adventist - 1844 Question #1
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Exposing Adventism - Females possess less vital force
Anyone else reading this book?
Archive through October 23, 2008
Exposing Adventism - Was Jesus an incompetent teacher?
Heavenly Temple got soiled -- competing theories?
Personality before and after
Archive through October 30, 2008
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
New Proclamation now available on the web
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Bono on Karma and Grace
Exposing Adventism - Celibacy is Best
Two more are out!
Water Into Wine
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Exposing Adventism - Ellen describes her out of body (OBE...
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Wolds out there?
This day in history
Meeting FAF friends
Archive through October 08, 2008
When the Prison Doors Opened
"Discover 08"—check this link for info
Binding Satan
John 15:10
Dinosaurs and the flood
Archive through October 14, 2008
1844 questiones to ask
Archive through October 09, 2008
Jesus and the Napkin
Jeremiah 3:16
Oh brother!
How did you start over?
Great Sermon Today
This Clears Some Things Up
God is on trial....???!!!
Archive through October 05, 2008
When we believe a lie....
Praising our Savior!
Tower of Babel
Ellen White said that we should...
Archive through September 29, 2008
Archive through October 02, 2008
Trusting Through The Unknown
Archive through October 01, 2008
It's up to us???
Please pray
I Am a Sinner Again Today
Amazing Adventure 2nd night
Archive through September 21, 2008
New Covenant Question
New Proclamation now online
Archive through September 12, 2008
John MacArthur on Sabbath vs. Sunday
Archive through September 22, 2008
The bride of Christ
Our Guest Interviewee
Amazing Adventure 1st night
Early adventists...
A prayer request
Amazing Facts for kids
Role of the holy spirit for sda
Just for fun
A New Law
Dietary laws
Archive through September 17, 2008
A dream I had
Prophets and others who "speak" for God
Dark Day of 1780
Archive through May 22, 2008
The weakest link
Part 12, my story of Leaving SDA__Two years later!-
The Harrowing of Hades
Prayer Challenge
The Harrowing of Hades
Baking a Cake
An Adventist to head the U.S. Commission on International...
Daniel (and Revelation)
Texacan members safe?
Some helpful websites for Mormans leaving church
Why I still keep the Sabbath
Archive through August 20, 2008
Arianism in Adventism Research
"Birth pains"
Im going to jail....
National Conference on Innovation
Forum Update
Back to the Bible - Jesus is Superior to the Sabbath
Spied out
Lessons from Japanese History
Foot Washing
Spurgeon vs. Ellen
Voice of the Martyrs meeing held at an SDA church?
Needing Prayers and Struggling with Sabbath issue
I Guess the Lakeland "Revival" Thing is Over...
Some cultural information that could have prevented 1844...
Free indeed!
The Good-O-Meter
"But she never claimed to be inerrant...!"
What started your journey out?
Robert Folkenberg & Share Him
Adventism, Grace and the Law
Hi .....................I'm Back
Interesting confrontation
Archive through August 19, 2008
"But she never claimed to be inerrant...!"
Before there was a NT cannon.
Archive through August 22, 2008
Jesus needs THEM
My story of leaving SDA part 9 and more
Behind the Veil
I'm the NEW GUY
Archive through August 20, 2008
Archive through August 20, 2008
Seal of Righteousness
Before there was a NT cannon.
My praise
Once you get to Calvary do you want to know how to get to...
A brush up on SDA theory
What do you now believe about Bible prophecy?
Two kind of sins
Sunday law again.....
Challenging Soul Sleep
Archive through July 10, 2008
Adventist Baptisms and Caribbean Cruises
Archive through July 14, 2008
NBC poll on "In God we Trust"
New Documentary Movie
This is some scary stuff
God's rescue
The FOUR day work week
Story of leaving SDA part 4b-and forward!
Question on vegetarianism
Archive through August 01, 2008
Truth led me out
Archive through August 13, 2008
Why don't they ask
Actually studying vs cliffsnotes
Never say or feel you are saved ...
Archive through August 09, 2008
Teen niece searching,SDA?
A Tale of Two Rocks
Story of leaving Adventism pt 2
Part 1, my story from Lori/Javagirl
True Church?
Book for kids
Seal of God
Is Heresy the Unpardonable Sin?
Wrong Day, Wrong Month, Wrong Year, Wrong Event
Online References to Early Church Sunday Worship
My blessed day
Archive through July 24, 2008
Archive through July 25, 2008
What Pastors support annihilation theory?
Mormon / SDA connection
Archive through July 30, 2008
Has God reprimanded anyone for worshipping on the wrong day?
Archive through July 15, 2008
Archive through July 17, 2008
Archive through July 28, 2008
The Law and the New Covenant
Archive through July 21, 2008
Archive through July 27, 2008
Archive through July 29, 2008
IJ started at Eden?
Archive through July 23, 2008
Luther's Battle Quote
What if I don't like God?
The Tea Cup
Faith and Presumption?
An parable about adventism.....
Exadventist outreach
May/June Proclamation now online
Wesleyan Denomination
Isaiah scriptures
Where works and legalism come from.
The Seventh-day Adventist Church has a modern day PROPHET...
A campaign parable
Job 31
Copying Christ or not ?
Daily Rest In Jesus, Not just a day
Where are You?
When your Hut is on fire.
Two Horses
Grandma whispered, "they are outsiders"
Insights on Revelation professor?
Open Theism
Tyman on Fox
VOM Conference
The Rapture and Second comming
Clifford Goldstein attacks Dale Ratzlaff over the weekly ...
Archive through June 29, 2008
Missing you!
Exploring Prayer
The Promises of God
The Key to Understanding 1844
Figments of imagination
Adventist Prayer Question
Is Confession Evidence of Salvation?
Can an Adventist be saved?
Archive through June 20, 2008
Topugh Week and the Rest in Jesus
The house of Stephanas
The Stoning of Stephen and the New Covenant
The True Meaning of the Sabbath
The white fields
Unwittingly Praying to Satan
The It is NOT Written Bible
Jesus' Authority in the Spirit Realm (No Fear!)
Archive through June 11, 2008
Archive through June 14, 2008
The adventist Jesus
The Fathers day story
Giving to FAF
The Effects of Religious Pluralism on Adventism
Who am I?
More Annoying Fiction
Exposing Adventism - Ellen White and the blame game
Resisting Temptation
Exposing Adventism - Bypassing the Investigative Judgment
Should we poke 'im wit a stick'n see if he's dead?...
Fire Conference
Archive through June 09, 2008
Judgement, storing up.
Archive through June 05, 2008
Archive through June 09, 2008
In the future
A Spirit of Life (Leaving a State of the Dead)
Archive through June 04, 2008
Help with Clear Word
Harriet Tubman
Archive through May 18, 2008
Which disciple are you most like?
Body - Soul - Spirit
Exposing Adventism - Disturbing questions for sincere Adv...
Curious Contradiction
Bundled beliefs and starting over again.
SDA Odyssey Part VIII
SDA Odyssey Part VII
Counterfeit Persecution
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
SDA Apologists
Archive through May 30, 2008
A Cult Is Like The Titanic
Strong city dude goes to jail
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
SDA Odyssey Part VI
An act of worship.....
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Who says that Ellen White is not alive and well in today'...
Exposing Adventism - How is Adventism like Atheism?
Memorial Day Weekend
Memorial Day Weekend Prayers Answered
How Does the SDA Clear Word Bible Compare to God's Word? ...
Memorial Day Weekend Prayers Answered
Exposing Adventism - Ellen White's mind "locked". God res...
Quote Hunting
For Jackob
Beyond Adventism - The Gospel of Hebrews
Losing friends?
What do you think of this quote?
Big Reason I Left
Witnessing to a dying adventist
Sick or dead?
Beyond Adventism - Where is heaven?
Why do so many formers still send their kids to sda colle...
Outsmarting God
Sleeping away the Sabbath?
Archive through May 24, 2008
Letters to home
Exposing Adventism - Wicked Children God Does Not Love
Help me with this story...playing cards
Doing it our way-2
1844 The Real Issue
Beyond Adventism - Training the conscience
The comfert of our "nest"
What does an FAF member believe?
Archive through May 08, 2008
Guilt trips and experiments.
Archive through May 19, 2008
Growing Darkness I feel creeping in on me
SDA Odyssey Part V
Doing it our way
Archive through May 16, 2008
Praying to Michael the Archangel
Archive through May 15, 2008
SDA Odyssey Part IV
Synagogue of Satan will worship at our feet?
Memory Fragments
SDA Odyssey Part III
SDA Odyssey Part II
What "spirit" was she under?
Exposing Adventism - The Real Purpose of Pentecost
SDA Oddessy Part I
Question about revival
Archive through May 11, 2008
Last Day Events -What Christ is wating for
What is Shepard's Rod
Funny story
What's the cost?
Book review of "The shack and "A Course in Miracles"...
Jim02, where are you?
Soul Sleep
Archive through May 09, 2008
Archive through May 10, 2008
Relatives coming
20 Questions
Archive through May 10, 2008
Possibility of Sunday Laws
Wages of sin death
License to Sin...
Subject Hell
Archive through May 04, 2008
A neat way of thinking
LINCOLN, Ne conference??
Way of the Master
Ecclesiastes 9:5
Archive through April 28, 2008
Archive through May 02, 2008
O'Reily factor on the strong city cult
Refining Silver
Sabbath consistency
Brain Damage
More than a prophet?
Archive through May 01, 2008
FAF weekend Saturday night audio files now online
One size does not fit all
Report of Underage Sex Abuse Prompts Criminal Investigati...
Sending out "my story"
Groups That Have Splintered From Adventism
Archive through January 31, 2008
The Sunday Law... once again...
Spectrum and U-Tube--Gotta see
Has Anyone Seen This
The Spirit of the Lord
Indiana Campmeeting 08
Blue Letter Bible course on Christology
Move 21 for the Prayer Circle
Song to Share - "Mighty to Save"
How long has SDA been around?
Archive through April 27, 2008
Exposing Adventism - SDA Church Truthfulness with the Wor...
Archive through April 29, 2008
Strong city cult ex-SDA
First Lord's Supper
Exposing Adventism - All the miracles of Christ were done...
The Evolution of Adventist Apologetics - Part 1
God was pleased
Resting in God
Exposing Adventism - One of My Answers is Bound to be Right
Welcome to those from Keene area!
EGW's letters to her children
Exposing Adventism - Satan offers to help Christ with pla...
An Adventist Pastor asked me for help with the Church Web...
Archive through April 24, 2008
On grass hoppers, giants and things.
The tearing of the curtain-
Still concerned
Did you feel the earthquake?
Are you still a vege?
Archive through April 20, 2008
Archive through April 21, 2008
SDA Commentary on 2Cor.3:7
Strong city cult ex-SDA
Pray for Dale and Keene Texas
Messianic Passover
Cradle Roll for satellite TV
Higher Law
Bringing someone to the Lord? Part two
Freedom texts...Testimonies.
United Church of God - similar to SDA??
If someone gives you the flu, don't sign for it..
The Clear Word...Again
Archive through April 18, 2008
The Bible Story
Future sins forgiven?
Archive through March 31, 2008
Question on Romans 8:17
Adventist World April 2008
Oprah - O Boy
Archive through April 09, 2008
Being nominal
Excerpt from "1844 Made Simple"
Archive through April 10, 2008
Two New Pictures - Fulfilled Law!
Exposing Adventism - Why Adventism doesn't need a Savior
Joy (Newboys)
Great Sabbath article written by a Jew
Loma Linda Academy Baseball Coaches Removed During League...
Junk Science
Jesus - Example or Savior?
Readings from Josephus (and what Jews in AD 94 believed a...
How to approach??
Interesting Reading
Alistair Begg Preaches On the Sabbath
Archive through April 04, 2008
"Hearing" God's voice
Archive through April 04, 2008
Basics 101
Matthew 5:21
The Plundering of Sheol
The Truncated Gospel
For Colleen : Self Protection
Bricks of faith
New Proclamation now online
March Signs of the Times-
Laugh Break--Just for Fun!
This happened on Tuesday
The Ten Words of the Covenant
Met an adventist today......
Archive through March 28, 2008
What happened to "Pastor-to-move"?
Soul sleep (again)
There is NO "Great Controversy"!
Christian online TV
Col 2:14 vs Deut 31:24-26
Ellen White and the gospel
Ellen White and Grace
Where did Jesus go when he died?
Archive through March 25, 2008
An account of Holy Week in Jerusalem in the 4th century
I ran across this book....
Jesus' Passion Week
Military service?
Archive through March 02, 2008
Who's righteousness?
Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Received something from my adventist in-laws
More Easter thoughts
Adventist Study Bible Announced
Hello, I'm new and want to Introduce myself and my life!
Archive through March 13, 2008
Orthodox Study Bible announced - A modern translation of ...
The spirit behind Adventism
What do you think of this?
Religiously Transmitted Diseases
Isaiah 66:22-24
Ever need to difuse SDA doctrine?
God in the Flesh
Fear of God
Study Tools
Do we have good memories of being SDA?
What do the Mormons think of the SDA scapegoat teaching?
What is recommended for a good, accurate study Bible?
Canright's 1867 Diary
Southern Adventist University proud to have fertility god...
I did leave Adventism but Adventism will not leave me alone
Liberty Magazine
Wierd White Writings
Archive through March 03, 2008
Archive through March 03, 2008
Archive through March 07, 2008
20th move for the Prayer Circle
Bringing someone "to the Lord"?
Archive through March 09, 2008
The Shack by William P. Young
Archive through March 06, 2008
Out of the Shadows
Suggestions, please
Where I am , and how I got there.
Lindani Mangena, 24, posed as a top City trader to con mo...
Thoughts On Jesus as Our High Priest
Beware Of Dogs
Eyes To See Light
Rivise and ammend.
Little Green Men
Archive through March 06, 2008
Unpardonable sin
I Almost Stole a Toilet Seat
Archive through February 25, 2008
Phos Hilaron (an ancient Christian hymn)
Unpardonable sin
Help with Sunday Law Email
The appointed
The Gospel in Star Wars?
We are formers but what still nags at us?
Need a EGW quote
Where do we go now?
So obvious!
Archive through February 15, 2008
Archive through February 18, 2008
Archive through February 20, 2008
Archive through February 21, 2008
Archive through February 24, 2008
Archive through February 26, 2008
Archive through February 28, 2008
Sensibilities and other fragments
"one God addresses another God"
Archive through February 29, 2008
Archive through February 29, 2008
Is the marriage covenant still relevant today? Was that a...
Archive through February 19, 2008
Obama,and Oprah
One's place in life.
Clear Word website?
You know your an adventist if
Archive through February 10, 2008
Archive through February 16, 2008
Laboring in Vain?
Why Is My Former Pastor Hiding?
Steve Green
Archive through February 24, 2008
John Ankerberg Videos on Exadventist website
What is your life like after adventism?
I'm back! Also a Sabbath School discussion
Energizing breath
Archive through February 17, 2008
Archive through February 20, 2008
Historical SDA Anniversary Celebration
Early ingrained training
Archive through February 20, 2008
Archive through February 20, 2008
Archive through February 21, 2008
Archive through February 24, 2008
Conditions and Consequences
1 Cor. 3:17
Now I wonder if G-d is punishing me for leaving the SDA C...
Western friends ok?
Posting behavior on other forums
Archive through February 15, 2008
New Proclamation online
In spirit and truth
1 Thess. 4:14 parallel text
I miss Jeremy!
Our infirmities
Business Cults?
Matthew 5:18 in Hebrew
Mormon leader on 60 minute
Archive through February 07, 2008
Opportunity to witness
Another Passage That Doesn't Say What its Purported To Sa...
God Does Not Speak To Us!
Thoughts on Gambling
EGW and her big old heavy Bible
John MacArthur's Recent Mailing
Archive through February 04, 2008
Sda views of the new covenant?
Archive through January 29, 2008
Creation- Life-Other Worlds
Submitting to the God of Truth
Did you make it through the storms?
Let's Take It To 'Em
Changing the Sabbath
Archive through February 02, 2008
Archive through February 02, 2008
For Jim
The Voice of Another Shepherd
What time does the regular meeting at Trinity Church meet?
Wedding rings in the ceremony of the SDA curch
Archive through January 28, 2008
Happy Adventists
Cheri Peters
James and Believing 'ON' Jesus
Internet Bible Study Resources-----Please add yours
A hard passage.
The covenants
They STILL think I'll be back
Archive through January 29, 2008
H2O videos on the web
True and False Binding and Loosing with regard to Sabbath...
Withstanding the Flood
Excellent article on covenant views
Rules of FAF
A rap for troothseeker..
God Does Not Change
I have a dream...
Anchor Point or Ropes That Bind
Archive through January 23, 2008
Archive through January 24, 2008
Archive through January 25, 2008
General Bible question if you don't mind...
Praying in Jesus' name
Christian Jews, Gentiles & The Law
I have a dream..
Archive through January 22, 2008
Taken off the SDA website
Archive through January 18, 2008
Adventism and the Gospel
Soul Ties
Archive through January 17, 2008
Theological Balls
Not Christians?
Archive through January 16, 2008
The Bible and the Haircut
Freedom in Christ - Christian Former Adventist Summit Eur...
The Father's Will
The fruit if our labor
Mystery Quote
Words from the "guide" and "Witness" of EGW
Question concerning eschatology
A Strange SDA Story
Summer camp and academy connections?
Archive through January 13, 2008
Bob George
A Memorieal Before God
Two Phases of the Sunday Law
Archive through January 13, 2008
New Wine In An Old Skin
Was blind but now I see..
Old testament.... Law or faith?
Young Adventists- Maryland Mafia
Eschatology questions
Archive through October 04, 2007
Archive through October 06, 2007
Legalism of old.
Justification By Faith in the first 40 years of SDA
Archive through January 05, 2008
19th move for the prayer chain
Quitters Win
On Missions and chinks in Armour.
Fundamentals of SDA - Link
The Law as a unit no matter where the physical location
Archive through January 09, 2008
Sudden Amnesia
An uneasy peace.
Saved or lost?
Why was it not simply stated.
For River
Defending the Bible to an Atheist
Discussion Tree For Comparing The Teachings of Seventh-d...
Archive through January 06, 2008
Archive through January 07, 2008
What were formers best explanations to perplexities befo...
Great Controversy
When do you tell your kids....
The cat is really out of the bag now
The River With No Bridge
Happy New Year!
What a way to end the New Year!
For Toria
A question for all of you
Another Flock
Merry Christmas
Archive through December 25, 2007
Archive through December 27, 2007
SDA Woman Removed From Bus; Claims Divine Sabbath Rights
Question on Creation
Archive through December 27, 2007
Another one I don't get....
Missionary Work to Prevent People from Joining the SDA Or...
Archive through December 29, 2007
Archive through December 30, 2007
Funeral on Sabbath
All or Nothing
Las Posadas
Why are we still on earth?
One year ago today...
Any church-seeking horror stories?
New Covenant Theology
Archive through July 31, 2007
Archive through August 01, 2007
Archive through August 02, 2007
Question about the theater
Sometimes Christmas makes me cry...
The Older Son
Archive through December 19, 2007
Hath God said...
Through Our Mother, but From God
What do you want for Christmas,? -An Atlanta Perspective
Great Communicators of our time.
A More Excellent Way
Wow, that's a lot of rules!
What would you say to this?
Seventh-day Adventism's Hall of Shame
Important message to those saved by Grace
Help please...
Death, Hope, and the Incarnation
Brick wall...
Just a little more advice please!
Archive through December 18, 2007
Mormon Questions answered to FOX News
Check out these
You might be a former Adventist....
They sure start them out early
Saved By Faith
A question concerning..
More Clear Word Garbage
Things I wanted to know when I was an Adventist
You Might be an SDA...
A question concerning..
Archive through December 11, 2007
Archive through December 12, 2007
New Wine
Bible Wine
Opinions on congregational integrity please!
Christmas Songs
Ellen White's "Universal Sunday Law and Time of Trouble" ...
Archive through December 09, 2007
Exposing Adventism - Another truly catholic organization,...
On being effective
Santa VS. Jesus
General Conference, truth and the cost of exposing error
Archive through December 10, 2007
Mormon flight
Question about heaven
Archive through December 11, 2007
Sabbath in heaven?
Archive through December 09, 2007
Questions on Isaiah 56
You Tube Watch
Exciting news for me
Heard it on the Street!
I'm not celebrating Christmas
Archive through December 21, 2006
Archive through December 23, 2006
Blessing in the flood
Sea of Life - My testimony in verse
Maybe they should just be called SADventists
New Site By Dirk Anderson
Gospel in Genesis
SDA Discussion Group to Discuss the Health Message
Ellen G. White and Health
What is Christianity - by Greg Koukl
River is OK
Guardian Angel
Last Weekend - A Revelation. SDA IS a cult FOR SURE
Archive through December 06, 2007
November/December Proclamation! Online
Why Jesus was born - article link
"Ministry:" Magazine
Fearmongering Sunday Law Sermon Today
SDA Pastor says that inspiration of Bible is assumed. May...
Question for Former Adventists
Questions To Ask Seventh-day Adventists
Archive through December 02, 2007
Archive through December 03, 2007
The Truth Project
Adventism and the media
Exposing Adventism - We Respect Bible But Ellen Is The Lo...
In defense of the pharisees
Clear Word gets blasted by top Bible scholar
Exposing Adventism - Bible Inadequate For Last Days
Revelation Song
Salvation question
Archive through November 28, 2007
Defiling the Temple
Archive through November 28, 2007
To read EGW or not
Thoughts to Ponder - Year Day Principle
Another one who knows about adventism
Interesting Chart
Hell hath fury....
Archive through November 12, 2007
Archive through November 12, 2007
Archive through November 12, 2007
Confessions of 3ABN Pastor
One for the scandinavians
Discerning good and evil...........
A Review of Jud Lake's "Answers to Dale Ratzlaff’s Fourte...
Looking for a couple of resources
Where to from here.
Hey all!
Happy Thanksgiving
Archive through November 21, 2007
A Couple of Mark Lowry Videos
Anti-Christ...a person? a system? a combination of the two?
Archive through November 19, 2007
Unwritten Rules- Sabbath Mode tangents
Interseting cult info on ABC
Sabbath School Quarterly on 1844
Spiritual blindess is an amzaing phenomenon
Looking for an obscure EGW quote, help
Another new guy...
Archive through November 17, 2007
Abraham and Issac
Archive through November 17, 2007
Rest and contentment.....
Search for missing visions
Exposing Adventism - IJ Vindicates the Character of God
Newbie saying hello
Permission to let it go.
Anyone hear of this meeting? According to SDAs the Natio...
Abraham and Issac
Check out this e-mail
Sabbath-mode Appliances
Archive through November 15, 2007
Archive through November 15, 2007
Extra Biblical
Anyone heard of or visited this website?
Holy Spirit - Verifying
Interesting question
It's the principle of the thing......
What do you think the mark of the beast is?
The Eight Rules of Bible Interpretation
From AT Today's Newsletter
Manger or a house, which is it?
FAF Bible Study Groups
Excessive Seeing is a Sin
Archive through November 10, 2007
How to be lost.
The deafening silence of Lazarus
Exposing Adventism - Freemasonry
A letter from God to women
Story Time!
First FAF post and Soul Sleep/Annihilation Query
Why I don't get it.
Follow Me!
Idolatry? Reverence?
Randyg's resignation letter
College Bible Study
Pressuring Singles
The Vanity of knowing better.
A far country.
Adventist Trading Cards
What to do??
Soul sleep
To the Law and the Testimony
Not obvios...
Churches coming together
Sending letter today
Archive through November 01, 2007
How much should we be thinking about Satan?
I am in a dilemma
The Editors believe.
Studying David
When I Knew Something Was Wrong!
Jesus could have failed....
Archive through October 28, 2007
Archive through October 31, 2007
Christ and Legalism
Church governance
Constitution Hanging By A Thread
Get Ready! Jesus is coming!
All is one. One is All...
Adventist - Evangelical Glossary
Archive through October 31, 2007
Remnant of the Remnant
Studying David
18th move for the prayer circle
Where's Reb?
Leonardo da Vinci's THE LAST SUPPER
Adventist Trading Cards
What are your views on poverty and environment?
Our guest speaker
Points About Adventism -- For Jenny
Southern Calif Fires
Hi everyone, I'm new.
The Authority to Commune
Another newbie stumbles in...
Archive through October 20, 2007
Who was Melchizedek?
Another SDA prophet
Anybody know what happened to Tami McGrew (SDA Pastor)?...
Halloween & Reformation Day
Quick, someone help me.
Jesus Family Children
Some light-hearted Friday talk
LDS vs. SDA letters & emails
Sola Scriptura
Whistling in Egypt...
If this trend continues the IJ will never end!
Jan Paulsen and the Nature of Christ
Of Kolob, Gods, and Adventists
What happened...
The life giving Spirit.
In Christ - Christ in you
New here
At it again
New here, My story
Bienvenidos a todos que hablan espanol
řAdventistas EvangČlicos?
żalgun podria enviarme la biblia de la palabra clara adve...

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