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How is Christmas Different For You Now?
Archive through December 25, 2009
Cognitive Dissonance
Did Christ know the outcome of his death?
Archive through December 21, 2009
Daniel's friends were fatter
Archive through December 19, 2009
Catholics and being "born again"
Where the Wild Things Are: Loma Linda!
Swapping husbands
Why Adventists and non-Adventists find it hard to dialog
Interesting pictures of prophecy and false prophets in I...
A "Creative New Way"
SDAs Corrupt Hark! The Herald Angels Sing
Archive through December 15, 2009
One hour laborers replaced earlier workers?
Unique old poem
Standing on Gods promises
Help with Greek in 1 John 4:2,3
Following church, family and friends
Have you seen this
Dietary Laws
"Ears You Have Dug For Me"
E-sword Bible Study Program
A Fan or a Follower
The Gospel
Hatred for the....
Another Letter...
SDA dictionary
Proclamation Done!
Let the real Jesus stand up
Our spirit
Archive through November 21, 2009
A Continuing Promise To Israel?
Really Tragic News
Temptation or Testing
Thanksgiving with relatives
Archive through November 16, 2009
Archive through November 17, 2009
Moses did not fear death
Archive through November 17, 2009
Remember the Sabbath..Is it creation or Slavery???
Over compensating
Here is a Good One
Archive through November 11, 2009
Christian Lack of Hope
Archive through November 08, 2009
Archive through November 09, 2009
Are you ready?
Rabbi becomes sda
Physical Rest
Archive through November 11, 2009
Keepint the law by faith
Psam 89 David or Jesus?
Some advice
I Have A Pet Peeve!
Archive through November 06, 2009
New "Seal Of God" Study online...
The Truth about Hank Hanegraaff
Doug Batchelor and Jesus
Found this quite interesting, if somewhat amusing
Lying For God
Just Regular Guys, Folks
LLU and "God's Prophet"
Ellen White and "tipping tables"
Bible Version
Archive through October 27, 2009
Sabbath Covenants Study
Galatians 5:18 And the Contrapositive
Discussion on SDA FACTS group in FB
A better covenant
The Old Covenant - My Personal Experience
What Really Happened on October 22, 1844?
Idols in Adventism
Archive through October 20, 2009
Archive through October 21, 2009
2010 General Conference Session
Your Jesus and Mine
The Legacy of Charles Finney
The value of this forum
Another Adventist Abuse Suit...
Archive through October 05, 2009
Squatting with your spurs on
Andrews Study Bible
Investigative Judgment Experience
Too Good To Be True!
How strict of an Adventist were you?... poll
Archive through October 14, 2009
Adventism's Health Message - From Rehabilitation of Mastu...
Does your anchor hold?
All I can say is WOW!!!
Squatting with your spurs on
Heaven's Welcome Committee
Need Quote on Christ's Blood Polluting Sanctuary
Zondervan publishes SDA author's commentaries
Acts 15
New book by "scholars" about Ellen White...
What if?
Archive through September 09, 2009
Archive through September 11, 2009
Change denomination again?
The Day of Atonement
Romans 5:13
Let me tell you about Grace...
I have no words...
Through the valley
Whoa, did Dwight Nelson just say that?
Archive through September 29, 2009
Mark Woodman - Cancer
The Revelation in Early Church History
God's timing
Last days events
Dreams and Visions
A New Picture
Ahhhh... the blessing of having enemies
Archive through September 18, 2009
The Dale Ratzlaff of Catholicism..
Law Keeping from A Jewish Brother's perspective
Dale Ratzlaff in Lancaster, CA, this Sunday, September 13...
The SDA Church does NOT teach the Trinity! New website no...
Archive through June 05, 2009
Archive through June 07, 2009
Archive through June 08, 2009
Maria Hirschmann
Seventh-day Adventism: Cult, Sect, or Denomination?
Archive through September 10, 2009
Archive through September 13, 2009
The Gulf
Jesus, the Lion and the Lamb
Why SDA is also Emergent...... two ways to God.
The "Rest of the story" is....
Grumble Grumble....Praise the Lord
New Book
Feeling Weary? In need of strength today?
A Snake In My Kitchen
The Miracle
Euro-Asia Division Falls least he keeps Sabbath -- on Dr. Phil
An Epiphany on Judaizers and Paul
Adventist Baptismal Ceremony
Clean vs. Unclean
Archive through August 29, 2009
Kansas City
Bema Seat
What is Evangelical Christianity?
Are You a Pumpkin?
The Gift of Friendship
The long and the short of it
Animal - Are You Looking?
Is this true about Ellen G White ?
Posted On Another Forum
Stocholm Syndrome
Adventism Baptismal Ceremony
1 Thess 4 and 5 - We Will Live Together With Him
From Skeeter - Is This True??
Amazing Facts "blog" comments
Times and Seasons
Nutritional Yeast Question
Sunday School - "Deciding To Follow"
From Adventist to Now
Abraham and Isaac sacrafice?
Wine Vs. Grape juice
Archive through August 26, 2009
Luther on The Law in the Conscience
The Pendulum
Archive through August 26, 2009
Two Horses
"Holy and Just and Good"
Archive through August 24, 2009
Archive through August 25, 2009
Archive through August 26, 2009
SDA, Formers and The Health Care Debate
John's Disciples
God Has a Plan For Your Life
The Clear Word they wish they could write
Dealing with angry responses
Archive through August 21, 2009
Moon into blood and the stars shall fall
Death is Not Dying
Relation between circumcision and the Law
Sending my story
Archive through August 06, 2009
Archive through August 09, 2009
What would you do?
Archive through August 06, 2009
Archive through August 10, 2009
Ellen White has lost Jesus
" fulfill all righteousness"
Sinai and Zion
God is wonderful and I'm a blessed man . . .
Fear Factor
Quick Trivia Question - End of the Old Covenant
Quote about the Holy Spirit by Spurgeon
Adventism, Nazism, and Cheap Grace
Anyone heard this about the 10C?
Archive through August 08, 2009
Charles Spurgeon
Huntsville AL Tour information
SDA reading
Archive through August 05, 2009
7000 Years
3 Rules To Perfect Adventism.
Revelation 19:10
Late fees on tithe -- ? for Flyinglady
Easy explanation?
7th day holy?
Do you want to see the King?
Enoch, Elijah, and Christ
Child guidance
Happy to be in the gospel!
What If I Doubt My Salvation?
Need EGW Quote - Imputed Righteousness is Deception
"You have faith and I have works."
New Excerpt - The Reality of What is Hoped For...
Romans 3:31
Archive through July 15, 2009
Archive through July 20, 2009
There remains a "Sabbathkeeping" for the people of God?...
Exposing the counterfeit SDA "Trinity" - New MP3 Audio!...
Archive through July 17, 2009
Genesis 1 and the Lesser Light
Changing the church from within...
Archive through July 17, 2009
Sorrow Attacks
Archive through July 15, 2009
Tour Of Encouragement Itinerary
Archive through June 11, 2009
Archive through June 13, 2009
Archive through June 15, 2009
Archive through June 25, 2009
Archive through June 28, 2009
Archive through July 03, 2009
Archive through July 05, 2009
Archive through July 08, 2009
Archive through July 12, 2009
The Fruit of Adventism
Archive through July 13, 2009
James and Faith
Is Sabbath Observance Required For New Covenant Christians?
What do Lutherans believe?
Archive through June 27, 2009
Archive through July 01, 2009
Archive through July 02, 2009
Clinton Schultz
Present in the spirit
Another pastor enlightened
Investigative Judgment = Adventist New Covenant
May/June Proclamation Online
Clinton Schultz
These people have BEAUTIFUL FEET
Did Billy Graham ever say....
From death into life
The Veil of Seventh-day Adventists
Christian Declaration of Independence
Toria #2
What's the explanation?
Righteousness and Sodom
Indicators of an Abusive Church
As I understand
OC Atonement vs. NC Atonement
Archive through June 25, 2009
"Church Dropouts -- Is There Any Hope?"
Noah and the Gospel of Christ
Confirming or disafirming?
Spiritual Disciplines--good or bad?
Lee Strobel at my church on line
Dad's Bible.
Sin and Fuel
Different Gods
Adventist/Muslim Connection
New way of canvasing?
Old Adventist thinking patterns
Archive through June 04, 2009
Archive through June 14, 2009
Archive through June 15, 2009
Archive through June 16, 2009
John 3:25-30; Who "has" whom?
Bob George/New Covenant Ministry
Archive through June 17, 2009
Archive through June 18, 2009
Happy Sabbath in Christ!
Second Trivia Question
The Context of Predestination
Poetry, good quotes, etc.
Water of Life
Questions to ask Adventists about the IJ
Trouble at LaSierra and more
A Religion of Rationalization
Archive through June 08, 2009
Archive through June 11, 2009
Archive through June 14, 2009
Archive through June 15, 2009
The First Command
Locking On - Anchor Points
Archive through June 12, 2009
Archive through June 16, 2009
More information from T_o_E please.
Sabbath - No Creation Connection
Archive through June 14, 2009
In the beginning was the Word...
WHOA!! Did SDA's just admit this in print so clearly???...
Mormonism, Islam and Adventism
Bonhoeffer - Of Folly
Define Born Again
Archive through June 11, 2009
A.W. Tozer on Christ's Deity
Tour of Encouragement is Beginning!! (Who is Going?)
Archive through May 31, 2009
Adventure in meat preparation/Why I keep Big Franks
Archive through June 11, 2009
Archive through June 11, 2009
New Covenant Partners
Mind Control or Thinking Patterns
Blinded by the "god" of this world
Gone South
Doctrinal Statments
True Sabbath Rest
SDA Behavior Reveals Disbelief in EGW
Prcious memories
Letters to the Editor
"Everlasting Covenant"
Tour of Encouragement is Beginning!! (Who is Going?)
Day of Pentecost
Inquiring Minds Want to Know
Our busy minds
Angelic Messenger of God
Time of Trouble
The Threat of Adventism
Watchers at the wall
Animal Has A Question....
... a technical question about the IJ
Who said it?
Interesting Youtube Link on Grace
You are of Great Worth to Him
Forum note
A Simple Test
Imagine Yourself An Unbeliever...
Short History of the Word
Parallel passages???
The pressure on our SDA parents
Our Hope is Built on Nothing Less...
Did Ellen Say This?
Let's have music and Praise God!!
Did this come from Ellen or the Bible...
The Calvin Quincentenary
Archive through March 18, 2009
Archive through May 18, 2009
My security is found in Jesus
Heaven or Hell
Archive through May 15, 2009
Archive through May 16, 2009
Archive through May 16, 2009
Incredible quote
Exposing Adventism - Jewish group sued over 'Adventist' n...
Adventist Stereotypes
This lady was a mess!
Former Seventh-day Baptist pastor testimony.
Archive through May 12, 2009
Archive through May 13, 2009
Archive through May 14, 2009
Archive through May 14, 2009
Who is Jesus to you?
Our prayer circle
Gog & Magog
"Favorite" Ellen White prophecies and sayings
Brown and yellow are ticking me off
For those of you who are Adventists
Archive through May 03, 2009
Archive through May 06, 2009
Archive through May 07, 2009
Adventists Deny Trying to Convert Obama's Grandmother
For your consideration ...
Have to share some good news.
The Adventist Sabbath
Ezra 7 - Is there something I'm not seeing here?
Leaving Babylon
Followers of Yah?
Deut. 29:29
Messages from the devil
The Earth Charter Initiative and Ark of Hope
RE: the "violence" of the Old Testament God
Worldwide Church of God changes its name
Archive through April 12, 2009
Archive through April 14, 2009
40 years and reflecting
Oh the Gospel!
Prayer Request
Archive through April 17, 2009
2009 SDA Ministerial Graduates
Archive through April 20, 2009
Easter Egg Hunt
Another Inconcistency
Easter Egg Hunt
March/April Proclamation Online
Daniel 8 Again
Forgiveness and Atonement
"Son of God, come forth; Thy Father calls thee"
Archive through April 09, 2009
Archive through April 11, 2009
Archive through April 14, 2009
Facebook Status change . . .
Gifts of the Spirit: Natural or Unnatural?
Root Cause
Who is your Comforter - Ellen White or the Holy Spirit?
Are there many paths to one God or are there just many pa...
Passion Week: Walk with Jesus to His death and resurrection
Ex-Muslims Celebrating Easter
Breaking Apart Adventist Tritheism (to its roots)
Archive through April 09, 2009
The Trinity - God in 3D
Remembering At Easter Time
Thomas Francis "Thomas1" Dies
Jesus, Not Divine
Archive through April 02, 2009
Archive through April 02, 2009
CARM's links
"Jesus...rested not in the possession of almighty power"...
Broken Link at
Cultic Christian Art
What Cessationalism Shares with SDA's State of the Dead
What do Adventists, Catholics, JWs and Mormons have in co...
What does it mean to worship in Spirit and in Truth?
Sabbath regulations
Archive through March 15, 2009
Archive through March 16, 2009
Archive through March 19, 2009
Archive through March 23, 2009
This sounds so familiar!
Sabbath School Lesson for 2009-Q1-W1-D1 The Prophetic Gift
Archive through December 30, 2008
Archive through January 06, 2009
Archive through January 11, 2009
First FAF Video Online
The Believer's Identity in Christ
Another last days Ellenism?
Adventism and Dispensationalism's Common Hermenutic
Archive through November 16, 2008
Archive through February 06, 2009
Eastern Gate and Messiah's Return
Archive through November 12, 2008
Vision: No antidote for strychnine poisoning
Define Righteousness of God [apart from the law].
Archive through March 19, 2009
Jerusalem Council Acts 15
Words that cause a reaction
Archive through February 24, 2009
Archive through February 27, 2009
Archive through March 01, 2009
Time Sensitive
New Proclamation ONline
Doctrines of Demons
Book recommendations
FAF Weekend Audio Available
Arminian? or Semi pelagian or neither??
Archive through March 08, 2009
The Origin and Basis of the Law (according to Westminster...
EGW and Adventist Doctrine
Understanding Conflict of the Ages
Will this person be saved?
Bible based standard for sabath observance
Great Website - New Covenant Theology
"When Christ died on the cross, Satan triumphed"
Ezekiel, False Prophets, and Destruction of the Whitewash...
The Prophetic Gift - Sabbath School Quarterly
Who Would Give to This Organization?
Commandments of God and Testimony of Jesus Christ
Investigative Judgment I missing something?
#2 Word/Phrase that causes a Reaction
R.I.D. (Reactions in Deception) #1 Plan of Salvation...
Shabbat Shalom
Awesome series on Galatians
Unclean Animals on the Ark
Problems with the Sunday Blue Law Scenario
The Wall of Separation and "Unclean Meats"
Archive through February 17, 2009
Archive through February 18, 2009
Apostles' Creed Art
Sermon Hang-ups
Questions on Daniel 8
Oh Jesus
Melchizedek and the Lord's Supper (Gen. 14)
Called To Be Free
Bill Born's FAF Worship Blog
Marks of a cult
How to Keep the Sabbath
Adventist proof texting
Some interested Scrips
It takes Faith - Galatians
Crowns and reward/punishment in heaven
The Scapegoat
The Real Adventist
Three Sabbath-rest Hymns
Adventist defense League
The Metaphor of Marriage and Adventism
The word "male"
Another Ellenism?
Really good sermon today!
Reading Daniel
Please play for us.
Replacement theology??
I need help finding a text
Archive through February 03, 2009
Ben Carson Movie on TNT
An Ahaa Moment
Inspirational video
Has anyone seen this on truth or fables website?
Establish the Law
Has anyone heard this? - #2
The Seal of God and the assurance of salvation
Day of Atonement
If I am reading Romans 3 and 4 correctly...
SUNDAY Laws by default.
Herschel Hughes
"Come out of Babylon" in reverse
Silly me
Visiting New Churches
FAF Weekend--Some Scholarships Available
SDA singer
The Adventist Home (book)
Library of Congress and Desire of Ages
Jon Paulien, Islam, and The Remnant
Archive through January 21, 2009
Howdy alll........
Archive through January 21, 2009
Is God going to give us aged wine??!
Early Adventism, Slavery, and the Ten Commandments
Adventism padding it's numbers
Archive through January 18, 2009
Come to FAF Weekend! 10 Good Reasons
I continue to walk on air!!
What Really Happened in 1844?
O Praise Him
Historic SDA Documents Online
Anew website for Adventists
Our Head, Our Hands & Our Heart
Layers of Healing
Why Adventists Need Jesus
Archive through December 13, 2008
The Graying of Adventism
LISTEN to this! an SDA is lead to a deeper understanding...
Current Events and Popular Prophecy
Anybody heard this one?
Archive through January 10, 2009
Come Rest
Spurgeon on assurance
House of Israel
Investigative Judgement Again
Some Call it Heresy
Archive through January 04, 2009
"as was his custom"
Happy New Year
Exposing Adventism - Orthodox Sephardic Jewish Synagogue ...
Faith and Root Cause
N. Mexico sect leader gets 10 years for molesting girls
Tony Zirkle and Nazism on You Tube
Weighed in the balances
Superbowl Ad Campaign
The Sabbath and the Social Gospel
Any documentation on SDA skewing health studies?
When did the disciple receive the Spirit?
Adventism versus Christianity
Not anti -anything
The idol of health
Let your peace return to you
Flood Stories - This is cool!
Little Red Wagon
Andrews Study Bible Released
New Books
When you're facing insurmountable loss...
Why it's hard to harmonize Ellen's beliefs
I received a survey about former adventists
Archive through May 30, 2010
Archive through June 01, 2010
Archive through June 11, 2010
I'm somehow relieved!
The Adventists
Any Aussies here?
An Adventist at Work
The Biblical Doctrine of Human Depravity
What does "grace" mean to an Adventist?
Where to first??
The Quiz is now online
Great quote from John MacArthur on false teaching
Remnant Study Bible
Could Jesus have failed?
Rose Publishing includes Adventism in new edition of Chri...
Question on Church Beliefs
Former Jehovah Witness info?
David Jeremiah Speaks Up
Colleen Tinker speaks to Women of Trinity
The Authority of Scripture
What do SDAs say about Sylvester Graham?
Why isn't the bible enough?
Archive through April 04, 2010
Archive through April 08, 2010
Archive through April 14, 2010
Animal Passions
Be Killing Sin or Sin Will Be Killing You
Root of Bitterness
Laugh at and with me, again!!!
Reconnecting Program
Jewish author speaks of Sabbath Laws
New Proclamation Now Online!
What part of Scripture is inspired?
Archive through April 27, 2010
What some SDAs believe about EGW
Who do you want by your sid representing you?
Splinters from a Boat: The Inside Story
What's the fixation?
Poor Saul
New Story Online
Righteousness in Christ -- Not By His Lawkeeping
False Prophet Texts
A Few Certainties about the Mark of the Beast
The (Unadjusted) Gospel and Suffering
SDA Expotition from People to People Ministries
Archive through April 13, 2010
Shake you up a bit...
Breaking the Sabbath
The Pagan Holiday
Archive through April 05, 2010
Social Justice Christian
Archive through April 11, 2010
Prayers Please
More of God's unexpected adventures.
Hebrew for Christians Articles
Cults versus the Holy Spirit
World Wide Church of God
Easter and the Old Covenant
Animal vs Buddy Rich...gotta luv it !!
R.I.P. Lucy
M y Redeemer Lives
Any Formers Near Keene, TX?
Catholic Sex Abuse Scandal
Need help explaining to an SDA
What Jesus Did During His Last Week Before the Cross
A BRIGHT spot in my day...Id like to share.
EGW Was Joseph Smith's secretary???
EGW & Bicycles
Has there ever...
Tithing - A Worksheet Study
Archive through March 12, 2010
Satan, our accuser...
Walkin out Sabbath Rest
Q's on portions of Holy Week teachings
What does the Passion Week mean to you?
Passover night in Sardis 1,820 years ago
Happy Rest in Christ!
Need help.
Eternal Hell vs. Conditional Immortality
Archive through February 28, 2010
Archive through March 02, 2010
Archive through March 04, 2010
Archive through March 05, 2010
Archive through March 06, 2010
Archive through March 09, 2010
Archive through March 20, 2010
Archive through March 23, 2010
Archive through March 25, 2010
Animal joins Facebook
Perfect People?
FAF Weekend Videos Going Online
Educating Mind, Body, and Spirit
Archive through March 15, 2010
Archive through March 17, 2010
Archive through March 18, 2010
Ezekiel 18:24
BOLD Proselytizing
Sound Familiar?
My New Adventure
Two Good Quotes
Are you a good seventh day adventist?
Regarding Billy Graham
Two Good Quotes
Archive through March 08, 2010
Valuegenesis Europe Study
A non-SDA evalutates his visit to an SDA church. Now Online
Emergency Prayer
Infallable inspired?
An Item to take Note of and to Pray For
Co-writer anybody?
Archive through March 01, 2010
Humor about diets, dieting, weight loss
How Perfect?
"Cheap" Grace
New prophet in Haiti - and she's SDA
What the children learn about God…
It is finished
What does this mean?
PATHFINDERS: Adventist or non-denominational?
Archive through August 20, 2009
Another One If You Dare....
The Adventists-Doblemeier Documentary on PBS for Easter
The Lord's Supper...Adventist Style
The Godhead per adventism...
Still don't understand-still frustrated
It's not Saturday Worship, It's Sabbath Worship--Article ...
Mark of the Beast
Archive through February 18, 2010
Salvation :boundries and suppositions.
Archive through February 17, 2010
Drawing the Line In The Sand: The Gospel or Not A Gospel?
Fruits of the Non-gospel
How well did you know the Biblie, as an Adventist
Walter veith and evangelizing to Christians
Awesome FAF Weekend
Once saved
Archive through February 12, 2010
Archive through February 13, 2010
Where are you in your faith journey
Haitian Earthquake
A Disturbing Trend
Jesus is praying for you!
Compare this with SDAs mailing or giving away egw books
The Gospel Plumb-Line and the Local Church
Hello From Jim02
Archive through February 09, 2010
Archive through February 10, 2010
Archive through February 10, 2010
Question For Those Who Are Out (and those who are still i...
Register Online for the FAF Weekend!
Is it the fruit or the tree that's rotten?
God DOES care......
My Book - The Chains of the Prodigal Brother
A Johnsson Gem
Sabbath replaces Holy Spirit in this EGW statement
The Millenium
Archive through November 06, 2009
Archive through November 11, 2009
Moving toward modesty
Archive through February 03, 2010
Why don't they understand??
Slave or Free?
Unexpected EGW reference
What finally set you free
Semi-Pelagian/Finney/EGW connection
Desmond Ford article
The Adventist Mind (Continued)
Archive through January 06, 2010
Archive through January 13, 2010
Archive through January 17, 2010
Archive through January 19, 2010
Archive through January 22, 2010
What's changed for you since leaving Adventism?
Sending a link from FAF
Teaching on spiritual roots of disease
Aren't we supposed to rest on Sabbath?
Archive through January 21, 2010
Mind reading?
Amazing Facts iPhone app
Another AHA moment!!!
Please Pray for FAF Weekend
Sheol, Hades, and Gehenna
First there was televesion now there's ellenvision
Archive through January 05, 2010
Adventist skip-overs
My Dad's Baptismal Certificate—1935
Have you heard of Henry M. Morris
The Adventist Mind
Archive through January 02, 2010
Off-topic question about the forum
Don't take your cloths off!
EGW influenced by Jane Leade?
A letter to Jesus
Happy New Year!
The Law is sin?
Archive through August 29, 2010
Archive through August 30, 2010
Web site domain taken
Confusing Covenant with Ethics
Have any of you heard of this?
Facebook 'ministering'..
Words from Charles Spurgeon
Adventism a good background for writing horror novels?
Archive through August 15, 2010
The Call to Be Spiritually Committed
Prophecy... revealing God and not the Sabbath.
Have You Seen This..Apparently There is a Health Message ...
Archive through August 09, 2010
Archive through August 10, 2010
Archive through August 11, 2010
Archive through August 12, 2010
Archive through August 14, 2010
A little humor
Archive through August 12, 2010
Archive through August 14, 2010
The Sunday Law
Wretched Radio
E.G.White's teachings in the SDA sermons
Archive through August 10, 2010
The Adventist Psalm
God provides in unusual ways
Laodicean church and the 144,000
Had a few "aha"(onion layer) moments lately
The stanza the SDAs left out
How has your view of Heaven changed?
Nuts for the Road
Phil 2:9
Archive through August 03, 2010
None of the cults can say: "I am saved!"
God is not far from any one of us...
Grace Mail
God Favors Me
On SDA Ecumenism
Public School!
Funny Cartoon
Adventist Salvation
Archive through August 02, 2010
This is what happens when you totally miss the point
Finding God After Leaving Religion
Archive through July 26, 2010
The Book of Jasher
Defrost the chicken
The Cross has not abolished the call to repent!
"Squaring Off Against Legalism" -- Awesome sermon...
Last Nights Dream Shows Freedom
What are Noah's 7 laws?
Archive through July 23, 2010
Archive through July 25, 2010
General Conference Going ON in Atlanta
Archive through June 26, 2010
Archive through June 29, 2010
Archive through July 03, 2010
Ross Finally says Hello...
Arminius's FREE WILL or Calvinism's PREDESTINATION
Archive through July 22, 2010
Archive through July 22, 2010
Archive through July 23, 2010
A conversation with my online friend.
How would this be resolved?
Archive through July 24, 2010
Matthew 5:17-19
Jeremy's "Spirit, Death, and Hell" study online
The Truth vs. Bondage
A lesson in humility from a godly man..
Serpent with wings??
Archive through July 05, 2010
Do they have names for them?
Archive through July 22, 2010
Hi I'm new to the boards. :-)...
Indoctrinated about the Sabbath
Does it make a difference?
Archive through July 20, 2010
Where were the Father and the Holy Spirit?
Please help!!!
"The Great Controversy" - IT IS FINISHED!!!
What the Bible teaches about spirits, death, and Hell
Ted Wilson's GC speech
Archive through July 10, 2010
Archive through July 15, 2010
1 John 3:4
Today's Blessing
New Proclamation online...Satan as Scapegoat is the featu...
Sabbath not Saturday?
What EGW teaches is in the FUTURE we have NOW
Daniel 8 - Replies to Vance Ferrell's "A Biblical Defense...
Witnessing to an SDA in bondage to legalism
The National Sunday Law
James 2:8-12
Shall I tell?
Pride is a killer
Walter Veith - world renowned scientist?
Living with an SDA
The Bible Timeline
When were Satan and the angels created?
Free e-Chart downloads from Rose Pub includes PDF of Adve...
Theodicy, The Cross, and Adventism
Adventist Salvation
The Fall of Man and the Plan of Salvation
Study on Romans with no texts from Romans???
Prisoners praying for my son
Cognitive dissonance in Adventism?
AUC Appealing Pulled Accreditation
Jesus Vs. Stephen's death
What is the gospel?

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