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Undercover Adventist: New Page: Why Seventh-Day Adventism...
The Trinity webinar tonight
In the begining
Archive through September 01, 2011
Archive through September 02, 2011
Archive through September 05, 2011
Archive through September 09, 2011
Archive through September 15, 2011
Archive through September 16, 2011
Archive through September 17, 2011
Archive through September 21, 2011
Noah's Ark
Loma Linda Adventists and Islam
Former SDA....not so much....
From an old Review...
Undercover Adventist: Dear Adventist Friends, Why the Fea...
Against the wind
Archive through August 29, 2011
Archive through September 03, 2011
What do Adventists Believe? Check out this page...
As we struggle to understand...
SDA's freaking out over Sunday laws in Europe
Ellen. G. White and her green cord
Archive through August 25, 2011
The New Covenant and the early church
Steps to Christ
"The Word of God is God at Work" J.I. Packer
Have you seen this video? (street preachers)
Temptation in the wilderness.
A Bible Prophecy that SDAs don't Believe
What did Ellen White get wrong?
A Song with special meaning to me as a former SDA
Other Worlds
The annotated theology
Survey on Perceptions of SDA "Church"
Archive through August 19, 2011
Sen. Leiberman and the Sabbath
In Case You Think "They've Changed..."
Throw that "lady" out with the bathwater
Animal has a Question
Undercover Adventist: Midnight Musings Special Edition NO...
Undercover Adventist: Putting on Christ (Vlog)
God is not SECRETIVE
Shooting at SDA junior academy in Memphis
Formers in FL
Ellen White's Diet Gospel
Just when you think it can't get any does!
Bitter? or Better?
Undercover Adventist: What About Soul Sleep Vlog (Video B...
Transitioning between covenants
Archive through August 12, 2011
Archive through August 16, 2011
I'll Still Trust in Your Love
Are there many physically healthy churches out there? Webinar Schedule
Lawsuit against LaSierra
NOW! by Marikay Silver Mcleod
Archive through August 02, 2011
Pious self-denial and spiritual advancement
New Proclamation Now Online
A little validation from J.I. Packer
Does anyone have sources for endtimes persecution of SDAs?
Drawing fire..
Sabbath App
Undercover Adventist: So Adventists Are Delaying An Immin...
Met Some SDAs at a Campground
Faith Journey- My Desert Journey Testimony Video
Undercover Adventist: My Charts from Adventist and Christ...
The BibleRunner: A Careful Look at Revelation 3:10
Archive through July 14, 2011
Archive through July 17, 2011
I'm learning...
Still Amazed!
USDA food chart and BAD SOY
Archive through July 12, 2011
Undercover Adventist: A Journey Through the Desert to Fin...
A Square Peg in a Round Hole
Sodom and Gamorah and a new insight
Ellen White permeates every aspect of Seventh-Day Adventisim
Archive through July 09, 2011
Importance of understanding the New Covenant
It is all about God
Hebrews Study - Jesus is better!
Redlands FAF and Friends at the Fireworks!
Erasing Hell
I read OLD Signs of the Times!
Church School-the good, the bad, the ugly, the absurd...
Erasing Hell
The parable of the vineyard owner.
The latest Review news
What is a soul?
James Hudson Taylor's testimony - learning that Jesus' wo...
The great flood.
Tree of life
Archive through July 02, 2011
Sharing some quotes from the Great Controversy Article...
World Life Expectancy
"Matthew 27:46: Was Jesus Forsaken?"
Archive through June 27, 2011
Archive through June 28, 2011
Archive through June 28, 2011
Archive through June 30, 2011
Archive through June 30, 2011
Mormons in Newsweek
Watch out, Eagle Scouts!
Do you have these SDA children's books?
Adventism and Orthodox Christianity
Challenge for SDAs
1 John Confusion
EV Free Conference and Joni Erickson Tada
The Concept of Eternity
Prayer Shaws
Archive through June 23, 2011
Who is a child of God?
Dying Family Dream
Archive through June 30, 2010
Archive through July 01, 2010
Sharing your Faith on Facebook -- a webinar for Formers
Undercover Adventist: My Article on Adventist/Muslim rela...
Blessings if you Tithe, Cursed if you don't?
Life Assurance/Proclamation Website
Adventist Cults
New people
Question for Formers, esp those raised SDA
Archive through May 31, 2011
Adventist urban legends
SDA Baptism
Same things over and over?
Archive through June 11, 2011
Adventism and Islam Bonding?
Of Camping and William Miller...
Bible Questions?
SDA Barriers to Bible Study
Archive through May 25, 2011
Archive through June 05, 2011
Trintarianism: The "Omega of Apostasy"??
Is Seventh-Day Adventism Orthodox?
Beware of these things:
The scary world outside Adventism
Your opinions matter! Favorite comic
The Mercy Seat
SDA/Sabbath discussion
Is this accurate? You can be lost after backslidding?
Need to know
Link to Colleen Tinker/Todd Friel on Wrteched Radio
Archive through May 23, 2011
The Great Controversy: How did it shape your view of real...
Archive through May 16, 2011
Archive through May 18, 2011
Archive through May 19, 2011
Archive through May 24, 2011
Hell: A Challenge
Archive through May 22, 2011
Interview on Wretched Radio this Friday
Wretched Radio Interview
Much more than 'just' a prophet?
What do you think?
Vows, Oaths and Promises to God
Another Email...
The more things change, the more the stay the same
Pentecost, Old and New
SDAs Teach Their People Not to Get Saved
Adventist Numbers Inflated By Immigrants
What is sin?
Pagan Christianity by Viola and Barna
Archive through May 04, 2011
"Try moving on—Talk About Jesus!"
Archive through April 28, 2011
Archive through May 03, 2011
Samoa and the international date line
Sad way to evangelize...
Bible Verses that Adventists Don't Believe
Archive through April 18, 2011
Sealed by the Spirit
"Getting Excited About Melchizedek"
Happy Resurrection Sonday!
A Story Showing the Significance of Passover
But is it really the Sabbath?
Archive through April 22, 2011
Passion Week: What Jesus Did on Each Day
Undercover Adventist: The Mathgebra of Adventist Salvation
Apostolic United Pentecostals on the Trinity
Archive through April 19, 2011
Adventism's Cultic Twisting of Colossians 2:9
Demon possession
What Happened??
FAF Weekend 2011 Sound Tracks now online!
Some Thoughts for Holy week
Loma Linda Mail
What is an evangelical, anyway?
Teachings of demons
Teaching of demons
The Law breakers in Jesus' day.
Bible Study-The Gift of Salvation
The Law from Creation?
Archive through March 30, 2011
Archive through April 10, 2011
Fighting for the Faith
Archive through April 10, 2011
Archive through April 11, 2011
The Christian Church Spiritual Israel?
"In Him all things hold together".
The Radical Word
I used to believe...
What the Internet Sabbath question gets you.
New Proclamation Online!
YouTube video called, " Badventist Alert"
FAF Weekend Music Play List
Myra Meharry's Testimony Online
Pre-existing Earth
Sound familiar?
A Sabbath Day question.
What day is it?
Wonderful, Awesome Easter's Coming!
Third and Fourth generation
Could Jesus have sinned?
Ellen white's notes on Romans 3: 24-28
Have You Put On Your Parachute
New Release at the ABC: The Heartbeat of Adventism: The G...
An article called: "The Works-Salvation Delusion." It men...
Where is the Holy of Holies?
Archive through March 26, 2011
Clean/Unclean Foods
Freedom Singers
The SDA Connection to Young Earth Creationism
NEW! Deon Keet's story
The Earthquake and Tsunami in Japan
Scripture on worshiping w/ those in error ?
The return of Christ
Life Without a if
Another "Bible Stroy" Book from my Childhood
The Remnant Study Bible with EGW Comments
Why so many denominations?
Do You have the Son?
Sold Out to Whom?
The Law is a transcript of God's character
Archive through March 04, 2011
Why do Adventists make excuses to believe their doctrines?
Arriving at a settled conviction.
Archive through February 23, 2011
Archive through February 27, 2011
Judgment and the role of believers
Soul sleep
Why is the Bible Considered "God's Word?"
Any SDA's use this site?
How many Baptisms
Christian Fundamental Beliefs
Archive through March 08, 2011
Undercover Adventist: Body + ? = Soul
EGW offers "eternal security"--if you pay her for it in c...
Kids in church!
How do you summarize the Great Controversy worldview?
Archive through March 01, 2011
Archive through March 02, 2011
"Unpardonable sin"?
Rob Bell vs. The Word of God
Justification by faith and the spiritual covenant
An Encouragement....
Progressive Adventists
Archive through February 22, 2011
Archive through February 26, 2011
Burlington Colorado Murders
Did you throw out your SDA music?
Archive through March 02, 2011
Archive through March 04, 2011
The LAM Buzz Saw
"Visionary 4 Kids"
Did Lazarus go to heaven
How did Jesus make it through His time of trouble?
"We Live Our Values..."
The Proper Use of the Law as a Tutor
Sticks & Stones; life & death
Micheal the Arch Angel
Ideas have consequences
Embarrassingly childlike
Archive through February 24, 2011
How do you define, "Bible beating, thumping, bashing" etc...
The FOREWARD to The Bible Story Books by Arthur Maxwell
A new way of presenting "The End Time Message"
Y'all Have to Read This
Jail Break!!
A Peculiar People
Two Videos from FAF Weekend 2011
"Looking for Jesus in all the wrong places..."
Rap about tithing posted on "Open Door" SDA FB page....
Thorns and predators
The glue that holds us together.
Former SDAs and Seventh-day Baptists
The "judged by what you know" idea
Old Covenant—New Covenant
Archive through February 13, 2011
Tweeting and Blogging from and After FAF Weekend
Im just gonna say it- I HATE blasphemy.
FAF Conference Begins Tomorrow
Why would we need a prophet?
Son is on his way home
Thanking Jesus for New Life
Adventist FLASH MOB!
The BibleRunner :He Works the Night Shift
Perfect Righteousness - the ONLY Way to be Saved
Bible Study Fellowship
Precedent of the Sabbath Shadow
Adoption Vs. New Birth
Mount of Transfiguraiton leaves Jesus as the ONLY focus o...
Who do you serve?
FAF Weekend, 2011
Undercover Adventist: Bible Gumshoe Part Two
The NC and the Holy Spirit: Inward-out replaces Outward-in
Part Three, Louis Talbot on "Why Adventists are not Evang...
The Cowboy and the Adventist?
Hebrews 10 Contrasting Past and Present
Archive through January 27, 2011
Get up, stand up, and keep going....
Archive through January 27, 2011
Archive through February 01, 2011
The Bible Runner Online: John 14:1-3 and the Rapture (You...
Saved not "in" our sin but "out" of your sin??...
Entole vs. Spirit - subduing evil
Verses that go right over Adventist's heads
Article about Adventists in the Washington Post
Revelation 14: 6-13.... a sermon
Archive gems
The beauty of mathematics.
How has the Lord Jesus confirmed Himself to you without t...
Read any good books, since leaving the SDA church?
Confessing our sins
Adventist "breath" versus Bible Spirit
If they can't stand the heat....
Colleen Tinker quoted on WretchedTV
Mixed up revents on 1844
Each Cult Thinks the Other Cults are Wrong
Adventists vs Catholics: which will get permission to bui...
Ranting and Raving - Article
Gems from John Harvey Kellogg
By Faith Alone
Coffee is good for you!
A baptismal study guide... sigh...
SDAs vs. JWs
Proclamation Magazine
Is this typical SDA thought on this?
Soul Sleep vs Spirit
Archive through January 02, 2011
Did Jesus cease to exist for three days?
A letter to my dad...
The Pinched, Bitter Faces at an SDA Campmeeting
Why Lord, I need to know?
2010 Donations to LAM
O Come, O Come Emmanuel - SDA vs Christian Lyrics
Former Adventist books on Kindle?
Revised Sabbath in Christ
Reality Truth and Nightmares
Undercover Adventist: Bible Gumshoe (Part One)
Something worth knowing
Holy Spirit Seal vs. Sabbath Seal
What do you say to a Spiritual blind relative?
Entering God's Rest: A Study of Hebrews 3 & 4
Christmas on the Sabbath
O Holy Night—Merry Christmas!
The Two Mountains
Fulfilled (Mat 5:17)
Archive through December 18, 2010
Biblical or Ellenism on Life Insurance
Promised Land and Promised Rest
Teachings of EGW on Wikipedia
Proclamation Oct-Dec 2010 online!
Something about sins
Wal-Mart and the Holy Spirit
Influential music that helped in learning correct Theology
Matthew 24, Daniel 9, Rev 6-7
The Trinity- what's the difference?
Archive through September 06, 2010
Christ's teachings filtered.
Do many Adventist unknowingly subsidize organizations the...
Had a very good morning today
Eternal Damnation
Archive through November 27, 2010
Christian link to the 10C
Archive through November 21, 2010
BibleRunner-Online: The Yearning for Home
Revelation 12:17 and 14:12
Archive through November 30, 2010
Undercover Adventist: The Jesus of Adventism
How my paradigm has changed...
The Bride of Christ
Stephen, Paul & Jesus on trial for altering the customs w...
Podcast: Seventh-Day Adventisim - Sect of Cult?
In Acts 2 Christians started meeting everyday yes SUNDAY,...
To prepare a place (John 14:1-3)
Romans 10:4 is it as clear as black text on a white page?
Sabbath question on ""
Do you blog? Do you tweet?
Undercover Adventist: Old and New Covenant
An answer to my Mums Question
Wretched Radio Mentioned (Proclaim)ation on 11/19/2010 Ho...
Does Adventism Exploit?
How to recognize a cult
The White Truth???
Tearing the Veil
A Word to Adventists
"confessing" the iniquities over the scapegoat
Archive through November 20, 2010
Isn't the Bible Wonderful?
Were there TWO copies of the Ten Commandments?
Superbowl Ad. Has Anyone Seen This??
ABC's of Thanks
Things Adventists Say, "O come on, you dont really beleie...
Archive through November 19, 2010
Church Sunday 11/21: Sermon on Matthew 5:17-20
Untangling the Vine from the thorny teachings of the SOP
Isaiah 66:23 "From one to another"
SDA Christmas Sermon Topic
The Trinity
The Chilean Miners
Did Jesus Sin?
Revisiting Pilgrim's Progress
"Cry of Anguish"
Another SDA website
Road Blocks
Archive through November 12, 2010
Archive through November 13, 2010
Archive through November 15, 2010
Beautiful words
False religions and the Bible
New SUNDAY LAW email
Undercover Adventist: The Movement of the Holy Spirit
A Look at Matthew 23 through Youtube
See you at the Sunday service
Jesus Exalted
Niceness vs Kindness
The law of faith
Adventists claim responsability for Chilean Miners Miricle
Church Confession
Archive through November 05, 2010
Under the law
Archive through November 01, 2010
Time of Trouble Shuffle
Redefining Righteousness
"Lookin' for Lard"
Ghouls, Girls and Gould, a Halloween Visit
Pilars of faith
The warehouse
The Undercover Adventist
Reformation Day
Lifting the Veil
Foreword to "The Naked Truth" (Hazel Holland's book)...
Multiple Postings
Maggie's Poem
Facebook discussion
Did you seek therapy?
"Jesus not God" EGW
Former Adventists on the world, unite!
Adventists stalking Greg Laurie's Harvest Crusade
I Think I'm in Trouble
Prophetic Plagerism
Letting Him Carry Our Burdens
Pastor Bill Hughes
Jesus the fullfilment of all covenants?
The heart of the matter...
Foot washing
Peter's Warning
Isaiah 29:13-16
Great Disappointment
Beth Moore Daniel study
Adventists articulate the primacy of the great controvers...
October 22
How Can I Explain That We Have a Soul?
Is this an SDA ministry?
PBS Interview
"If You Love Me"
Muhammad vs. Ellen -creepy coincidence?
For Martin C Romans 7 (Arise) Lyrics
"Love is a Principle, Not a Feeling"
First impressions
New Proclamation Online!
Archive through October 05, 2010
Archive through October 08, 2010
A Pure Heart
Training ground?
Recently revised SDA church manual
Did E.G. White predict Islam??
Called ones.
Current Quote on Jesus sinning...
The Mystery of the Trinity - Video series by Dr. R.C. Spr...
Rose Brochure a great apologetics tool...
What to do with old Bible Story Books and EGW Materials
The Awakeners
Bible Study Fellowship International
SDA videos
Archive through September 27, 2010
Rose Publishing Brochure on Adventism now available!
Six literal days
Verbal, Inerrent, Plenary Inspiration
Thought on creation
Generational Bondage
Christian watershed event modified by Ellen G White
Need an answer on a sabbath question
Archive through September 10, 2010
Archive through September 16, 2010
Just finished DM Canright's book on EGW
Immortal spirit and ressurection of Jesus body
Archive through July 26, 2010
What do you think the source is for this quote?
EGW vision of hell
The Blessing of Friendship
Romans 8 ---
Wake up!
The Synagogue at Gamla
Biggest Adventist Hang-Up
SDA Commentary on Colossians 2:16
Damage in our lives
A great resource for Bible Study
Question i never understood
"Sabbath in Christ" book
"Satan..rejoiced...that he could...pull down the Son of G...
Watch out for Glenn Beck's Sunday Laws
Archive through September 01, 2010
What does the SDA church teach on Ephesians 6:10-20?
How do I explain this ?
A Thank you
Present truth, I found this disturbing:-(...
All finished on the cross?
Archive through August 25, 2010
Archive through August 06, 2010
Archive through August 08, 2010
Archive through August 17, 2010
A 'shocking' quote!
A Question on the Holy Spirit
Have to share...
SDA books
Archive through September 01, 2010
Sunday a Holy Day?
From an email I received today...
The "Image of God" and Ellen White's corporeal "deity"...
New SS Lessons on Adventist view of God
In the South Pacific Which Day will be Sabbath?
How do I explain NO mustard to my new husband??
Radio Interview with Eric Metaxas
New Year's Resolutions. . . . many make one to read throu...
Contemplating Christmas. An excerpt from some writing by ...
Be Blessed by This...
Ellen White and the tree
Archive through December 24, 2011
Archive through December 26, 2011
SDAism is closer to Islam than Christianity
Gideon's faith
Sabbath as a Shadow
Operation Reconnect
Death and the Psalms
Who is Responsible For the T-Rex, God or Satan?
Archive through December 13, 2011
Archive through December 14, 2011
Archive through December 16, 2011
Archive through December 20, 2011
On Daniel, Revelation, and various prophetic matieral - f...
New Proclamation online
Death With Dignity Laws. What Is Your View?
Archive through December 04, 2011
Archive through December 17, 2011
NEW FAF Weekend Videos Up!
Galatians Sabbath School Lessons
Archive through December 04, 2011
Something REALLY important happened in 1844!
Colossians 2: How did I never see it?
Archive through December 05, 2011
Some good points about James 2:14-26
Help with "the Law of Christ"
Who exactly is Annas?
YouTube videos
What date was that?
Couple Of Really Wonderful Music Videos That Help Heal Sp...
The Sabbath Challenge
Supposed inspiration of Ellen White
Archive through November 22, 2011
Archive through November 24, 2011
Archive through November 26, 2011
...been there, done that,I don't recommend it and God for...
More Proof
Ananias and Sapphira...?
What about the blood?
The BibleRunner: The BibleRunner Webisode One (Short Film...
Adventists Gave Me a "Helping" Hand In My Exodus From The...
Toxic Religion. What is it and how do we avoid it?
Survey for Formers
Larry Wilson
Comprehending Romans
Archive through November 08, 2011
Archive through November 11, 2011
My SDA Experience: From One Dysfunctional Family to Another
The BibleRunner: A Homeless Man Looks at Psalm 23
Harold Camping Repents
Itching ears looking for a church.
Bait on the hook...
Ted Wilson Comment
For Posting on Doors at All Hallows Eve!
Undercover Adventist: Questions and Answers about Adventi...
The BibleRunner: The Christian Church is Celebrating the ...
Can you see the smoke coming out my ears...?
"Sybil" and Adventism
Different types of Adventists
Great Controversy Project dedicated at Fall Council...Oh,...
Ellen White, the Exercise Machine
Ellen White and Malachi Chapter 4
Resurrection Sunday Dance
The new age of the church.
Archive through October 22, 2011
Archive through October 25, 2011
Adventism & Islam--An Old Romance
New Proclamation Online now
Adventists and Abortion
Proof Text?
Undercover Adventist: New Page: My Full Testimony
Apologetics In a Moment: The Investigative Judgement
The woman caught in adultery: A problem for the sanctuary...
More Law and Grace
Archive through October 14, 2011
"The Year Of The...Bible? Great Controversy??"
A Question About Hebrews 7
Has Anyone Seen This Article?
After Adventism...
Unhappy "prune" faces
Archive through October 03, 2011
What was taken away at the cross?
Official Adventist website teaches proper Sabbath observance
Archive through September 30, 2011
Thoughts on "Yom"
"Friend of Children" by Arthur S. Maxwell
Archive through September 28, 2011
Dale Ratzlaff to speak in Rialto, CA, October 5
What is the meaning of 666?
The Great Controversy Webinar
Calvary Church
Genesis, literal or 'encrypted' like Revelation?
The BibleRunner: Morning Walk in the Word Episode 2
The new earth
Sanctuary teaching
Undercover Adventist: In Response to Tim Jennings Pt. 1
A new year at Bible Study Fellowship
How would you explain the nature of sin to someone?
Aussie guy claiming to be Jesus
"Adventist Clapping"
Today's Sermon: "Light and Life"
"Sabbathed soul"
The Impact of Sola Scriptura
On the Great Controversy
Archive through September 18, 2011
Table Talk Magazine
New Age,--Law of attraction
FAF Weekend Videos online
Mark 8: Leaven of Pharisees, Leaven of Herod
World Net Daily... Now promoting Sabbatarian/Hebrew Root...
On salvation
Enjoying freedom
The BibleRunner: Morning Walk in the Word
REV 11:19 ARK
Fallen angels ... Has anyone seen this ?
Archive through September 11, 2011
Modern day prophets?
Archive through September 05, 2011
Finding a Church
Types of Formers
The BibleRunner: Missing the Point of the Ten Commandments
Competition is Now OK?
Archive through March 23, 2012
Jeff Pippenger
SDA: "Christian Identity" Detrimental
A Letter I Wrote to an SDA Relative....
The Gospel or the Great Controversy
Prophecy Meetings
Feel a little guilty about leading ex into SDA church
The escape Route
Why am I shocked??
The Blind Poet-Preacher
For Sale, Get 'em while they're hot!
Conversations with an LLU Graduate
Movie: "Act of Valor" and false religions
Distinguishing between light and dark.
Chinese whispers and the Gospel message
Undercover Adventist: Shock and Awe Blasphemy at Market N...
On Marriage
A bit of encouragement for all readers of the forum...
Everything is about God
Just Move On
A sign of the times...
Unwrapping this paragraph...
Now, w-a-a-i-i-t a minute....
CFAR video: SDA's interfere with Christian Mission work i...
Christian Pastor
Guilty, Guilty, Guilty!
Two Rooms Illustration
God having a body
Here at the Battle Creek Sanitarium
Undercover Adventist: FAF Weekend: First Thoughts
The State Of The Live-number one
The State Of Live-number two
Unconditional Salvation and Accountability
Do You Want To Ask Phil Dunbar/Dale Ratzlaff a Question?
Phil Bubar's "Worldview alignment needed"/Trinity...
Archive through February 19, 2012
Live Streaming the FAF Conference!!
But...but...but Lord!
A looking in a glass, darkly, foretaste of Heaven
Undercover Adventist: A Valentine for Adventists
How to Take a Text Out of Context. --by E.G. White
FAF Weekend almost here...
Pilgrim's Hymn
Abortion & Adventism
Ellen wants to meet others WHERE?
Former Adventist TEEN Fellowship
Proclamation! Blog is Live
Signs of the End
"Won't a good, moral life get me to heaven?"
Dirty laundry
Belonging to Christ without knowing it ?
Archive through February 06, 2012
Archive through February 07, 2012
Archive through February 09, 2012
Archive through February 11, 2012
Ray Stedman on the Sabbath
Lord, By Now He Stinketh!
Need a resource on EGW
John MacArthur on the Sabbath
The limitations of suspicion
Our hiding place~
ABSOLUTE PERFECTION, Chapter from Your God Is Too Small, ...
Archive through January 28, 2012
Why do bad things happen to good people?
Archive through January 25, 2012
Learning By Observing Nature in the Behavior of a Pet Cat
Why I think RCC is "more Christian" than SDAism
Archive through January 22, 2012
Archive through January 23, 2012
Archive through January 24, 2012
Anyone carpooling to the FAF Weekend in Redlands from Sou...
Going from SDA into another cult...
Archive through January 20, 2012
Archive through January 21, 2012
Archive through January 23, 2012
Spam Warning
Bacon, Sin, and EGW
McDonalds going into Loma Linda! gasp!!!!
World Mission Society Church of God
Sign Up Now for the FAF Conference, 2012!!
Politics of Paranoia
The BibleRunner: How to Study the Bible Inductively
New Covenant Answers to Mormonism
Thanks to the Tinkers
What Can I Say in Answer to a Recovering Catholic Turned ...
Metaphor for Adventist Doctrine
The BibleRunner: Origins. Meaning. Purpose. Destiny.
Sermon series against Former Adventists
SDA Day of Worship
What was the real issue in Daniel regarding food?
"Many Shall Go In and Out and Find Pasture," Hopeful Word...
The Trinity Explained?
Donate to Proclamation!/Life AssuranceMinistries before m...
The BibleRunner: The Passion of the Christ Storyboards
Rose Publishing - Response from SDA Theol. Student
Any thoughts on this ?
Anti-Bully Activist Under Fire for Bullying Christians
"Man has become like one of us..."
Archive through May 05, 2012
Rome and Religious liberty?
Former Adventist
None Righteous but God?
Anyone in S.C., N.C., or TN. area?
Archive through April 20, 2012
I lost my savor, and then quickly got it back.
Breakthrough! Attended LCMS services today!!!!!!!!!
Any more research on F. E. Beldon?
Undercover Adventist: A Fair Fight Between Christ and Satan?
Angel or Man?
He has given me these days.
New Proclamation online
Attended my first non SDA bible study tonight!
UNBELIEVABLE!! How many heresies can you spot in this quote?
Guess what I found!
Another SDA offshoot
He Is Risen—or "The Great Sabbath"?
Yours Free (an appeal to SDAs)
"He's Calling For Elijah! Why We Still Mishear Jesus"...
Archive through April 10, 2012
Archive through April 11, 2012
God's Amazing Love
LAM video on Rose Publishing's website!
The Christian Origin of Easter Eggs
Archive through April 06, 2012
When Jesus Touched the Blind Man Twice, and What That May...
Are churches meant to run your life?
Holy Week
The Health Center---
Spices can help with Cancer/Colesterol/Alzheimers?
How to stop it
Workers of lawlessness
Handicap chldren as if they never were?
The Doctrine of Probation - from Joseph Smith?
SDAs and foot washing.
Archive through August 22, 2010
Archive through August 26, 2010
Archive through August 29, 2010

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